Tears in your eyes 

This poem tells a story about tears, which are the door to one’s heart, love. Tears are capable of connecting people & melt a cold heart. They say more than words and they are certainly not one’s weakness.

Tears in your eyes,

Are not your weakness,

But the power you have,

To melt a stone cold heart.

Tears in your eyes,

Are the reflections,

Of the pure connection,

In that blissful moment.

Tears in your eyes,

Are not just the emotions,

But the openness you possess,

The unconditional love you are.

That tear in your eye,

Says more than words,

You could ever speak,

To express how you feel.

Tears in your eyes,

Are more than tears in your eyes,

They are the vast ocean of love,

That flow through your beautiful eyes.

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2 thoughts on “Tears in your eyes ”

  1. Yes, absolutely agree….tears are like an identities all there own…some speak with voices of joy…others of sadness…others of appreciation and on but my favorite are the tears of pure ecstasy..

    1. “tears are like an identities all there own”….you must definitely write more….tears of pure ecstasy when you’re the intense fire….how beautiful is that….

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