The Devil’s Face

The desire to rip off the devilish face

Pump the blood out of the bloody arteries & veins

Need to burn the body in intense fire & flames

Slice the remains in sharp pieces & small scales

Cut the bones with saw, the sharp rotating chain

Everything collapses, no screams & there’s no pain

Cook the flesh in thick blood till it’s tender & changes its shade

Finding the demons that reside in haunted & crumbled shed

Hiding behind the intense & provocative lens

Made of complex geometries with that improperly proper base

This scene looks so scary from your narrow & twisted lane

There’s a fine line between your sane & my insane

Feel the heat, I’m not here to dig your grave

The gory imagination is an art of this devil, the creative brain

Just show the true you, that’s living behind your face

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7 thoughts on “The Devil’s Face

  1. It’s Gory poem. Spread love, let devil’s vanish from you.
    But this poem is another Shade of poetry.

  2. I came here because I googled the phrase “living behind your face”. Only 8 hits on the internet for this if you exclude the word discreet (“living behind your face” -discreet). You’ve given me a different way of thinking about this unique phrase.Thanks.

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