The Floating Silence

It’s kinda crazy when I walk with almost an empty cartridge of this aching cartilage which is making me to lose my already weakened balance to the point of breakage but I still choose not to anchor myself to the hook of conditioned cottage coz all I want is to fall freely from the highest mountain to the deepest surroundings so I can easily harness the limitless energy when I erupt the volcanic traces of my carbonated phases in the floating silence of this oceanic darkness which is the effervescent & organic process to heal the righteous arthritis that’s trying to block the free movement of my invisible & powerful senses

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20 thoughts on “The Floating Silence

  1. I feel your frustration and your know in similar ways, I can relate. Movement is life and you know that and do that,and yet at great personal sacrifice…I know you are doing it all right and soon, inshAllah it will heal and you will cruise like a graceful ship through the days and nights. Beautifully expressed Navin about something I am also sadly familiar with.

    1. Thank you very much for your heartfelt words, dear Karima…yeah, this prose started from the place filled with the pain, the difficulty in walking etc etc…but then I reached & connected with something bigger…it was there I “ended” this piece…hoping you’re doing well, dear friend ✨🙏💫

      1. Oh yes, your ending was very positive..healing..You have that gift to connect with that “something bigger” as you say, which is a positive powerful force on all levels..physical as well as spiritual:) Beautiful Navin!

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