The Less-On

My face isn’t phaseless
My mind isn’t noiseless
My side is though senseless
I dream when I’m sleepless
But my eyes aren’t soulless

The current can be shockless
The present is embracing timeless
Waves can never be flowless
Imperfections can’t be flawless
My ink is bleeding formless

Simplicity isn’t tasteless
Levitation doesn’t mean groundless
Darkness doesn’t mean lightless
And clarity isn’t always spotless
The intuition isn’t clueless

The mindful walk is speedless
Realizing the beauty of labelless
Deep connection is truly wireless
Nothingness is simply priceless
The door to heart is leafless

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8 thoughts on “The Less-On

  1. In silence, no labels, that deep connection you talk about, priceless…the heart always open no panels, no doors.. I saw this image in my mind, reading your amazing last verse, Dearest Navin… Using a form that is formless, you speak out loud to me in vivid imagery…Your words create a living scene..that I can just step into..Please give us this once a spoken word to make the vision complete.

    1. I’m honoured that I was able to project the imagery through my lines…thank you so very much, dear Karima…this means a lot to me…I might do a spoken word…even though the vision is already complete…I know the power & depth of your vision ❤️

    1. I’m delighted to know that you liked my poem…thank you very much, Bree…you’re always there with your wonderful support & kindness 💟💟

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