The Link

I’m sliding on this lane
Where craze is the game
This smoke in the air
Where clouds are so grey
They fly as if they race
While they hide the light rays

These drops aren’t just rain
They hit my ground with pain
The impulse to the brain
It’s crossed as in dead
The blood in the veins
The flow is to drain

I’m holding this lens
To eye the intense
But it don’t make any sense
Coz the view is in flames
It’s burning the dream
So I cry & then scream

I’m hooked to this scene
But heart isn’t some bait
I’m just lost in the breaks
So I dive in the deep
To rest & then sleep
But I can’t simply breathe

The art is to bridge
The shocks & the waves
The thread is so thin
But it’s strong as a chain
The link is the change
Where to die is to live

This picture in the frame
Where sky is so pink
As the space is so red
And love is so green
The core guides the rays
To find the lost peace

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Photo taken by myself.

23 thoughts on “The Link

  1. This generates such waves of resonance for me – The earth and the ground of being receiving the rain and the pain, the fire fanning the dream and extinguishing the view at the same time – oh the turmoil of humanness, as it cracked open to its own self, to find the rebirth in the death of this moment, to reach the core from where love and peace emanates – you perhaps know how much I enjoyed and appreciate your poem, it is so beautiful to have a fellow traveller on these lanes of inner terrain.

    1. You’ve made my poem beautiful by connecting with it at this level…you have the ability to see the unseen…the essence of these lines, which can only be felt & sensed…to me, it’s simply amazing & magical…a blessing…that you are…but not surprising coz you’re linked to you…my gratitude to you for your heartfelt words, Pragalbha…you must know that I enjoy, appreciate & learn from your words….written as comments / reflection as well as in the form of your profound writings…even your photos speak to me 💫

      1. I am very grateful for this resonance and the very gift of your poetry – there’s very few who play on this level of the playground of consciousness. Such glory and grace to find a sense of normalcy from this mirroring of expressions.

        1. I’m echoing your beautiful words coz they’re beautifully written & this is how I feel. My gratitude to you, dear friend ✨

  2. A wondrously insightful poem Navin, and this stanza resonated closely with me

    “The art is to bridge
    The shocks & the waves
    The thread is so thin
    But it’s strong as a chain
    The link is the change
    Where to die is to live”

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