The Lone Tree

My brain cells are circular stencils of different instances that keep swirling when I stand still

My pain cell that I’m caged in is appearing under the dark light on a rice sheet as I pencil

The visual of this projected engraving is caved in when I drone me to sea my senses

This heavy feeling is laminated under the thin film with cold heat of the sensitive relations

My blood streams very slowly when the noisy surroundings cross ways to wrong me

This reality is so astounding & extraordinary when I reel it on my mind screen

The balance is swinging on thin time string as my heart speaks with silent beats

My words leave the branches as the red leaves coz it’s the fall season of this lone tree

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22 thoughts on “The Lone Tree

  1. Oh Navin…this poem is like a 10 course dinner into you:) Each line, thought, although flowing together, is a separate insight into your wild and wonderful mind! I love how you stencil your inner imagery and the very last line is just killer (so good) “My words leave the branches as the red leaves coz it’s the fall season of this lone tree” Yes and in your case and your amazing writing..Fall….can come at any minute… Loved it my poetic friend!

    1. Oh wow, you’ve just made my poetry extra beautiful…through the power of your words…through your reflection…through your love & ability to see me through my lines….my gratitude to you, dearest Karima…I’m kinda speechless ✨❤️✨

  2. Thank you for continuing to write, and to share these writings with us. A lone tree is sometimes a shelter for those nearby, and a splotch of different colour when it is needed among the monochrome landscape around it.

    I hope you are well my friend. 🙏

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