The Real Meal

It’s like when I write my lines & describe a few things
I’m just grinding to tell how it feels when my mood swings
By crushing the stones into rough & fine powder that I mix
With liquid to make this soothing & so therapeutic paste
To heal the mental bleeding, wounds & physical pain

I tend to set my scope to fire my own head in flames
Take myself & my surroundings down with my anxiety & imbalance that I face
Nothing can be shielded this moment by thin layers over the sensitive surface
I come out suddenly from my dark, broken & isolated shed
People see me changing my form into this evil with eyes burning pure red

And then it seems as if I’m about to freak out the freak in me
A bloodthirsty sinner in those sparkling & scary scenes
Everything around me turn into ashes with my scorching heat
And it seems as if I feed my mind with my dear ones’ sufferings
I get deafened by the chains of my own crazy & loud screams

I can’t hear a word when they constantly beg me in fear to stop while they’re in tears
But no excuses, coz it’s explicitly me, who’s exhibiting the evil in me
I only wish to unchain myself in reality, to get freedom from me
So I end up wandering in search of the balanced recipe for my crazy craving
Manifesting inner peace is the definition of the real meal & by that, I mean real me

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21 thoughts on “The Real Meal

  1. This piece is epic Navin. Epic! You are an unbelievable writer.
    I can’t hear a word when they constantly beg me in fear to stop while they’re in tears
    I can ‘t get over this poem. It’s dark I know. But we all have dark parts like the moon.
    Navin, I hope you get this comment. I left another one on your blog and I did not get any reply.
    Be well my fiend.

    1. Thank you very much for such a kind comment Gabriela. It really means a lot to me. To me, darkness is light as well…as it shows (/ lightens/darkens) the path differently….

      Now I know why I didn’t get your comment…thx for flagging it….this precious comment of yours ended in the spam folder. I’ll keep an eye on it from now on.
      Much love 🙏❤️

  2. I’ve always said writing poetry is like being ones own therapist. We all have yin and yang within. 💙🙏🏼🦋

    1. It’s quite therapeutic…that’s what I’ve been also writing about, Blue….True that…we all have Yin/Yang….💙

  3. charged with such intensity and raw emotion clinging to each word…very brave my flowic friend…Staunch! [not sure where staunch came from…had to look it up myself…it stays..haha] As your growth will be shared as your struggles are time for care…introspection rare.

      1. I posted my sunday song. I’m sorry ur quite….I have been going thru relationship stuff as well. If u need to talk I’m here ok 🌞

        1. Oh….Howcome i missed your post. Going to check it right now.
          Thanks for being there for me. The same goes for you as well…I’m here if you need to talk

        2. I just watched Whitesnake’s Forevermore…..beautiful lyrics….music…the starting was crazy….quite spiritual I felt… Later it built into this powerful energy….thx for sharing, Keza. I’m commenting here coz it’s not possible to do so on your post….💙🔥

  4. What a beautiful piece of work Navin. You are a wonderful writer.

    This poem is rolling in my head.

    Though it is dark but rightly spells out the human mind

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day

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