The Switch

I switched the click
Of old memories
I snapped again at him
Blood is the heat
Heart breaks in pieces
I bricked the peace
I hear the screams
Oh again, it’s just me

Everything resets to nil
I’m walking furiously
Throwing a fit
Chasing like wind
Scaring the beings
He’s running in tears
Disappearing with speed
Emptying the fills

I’m burning the stills
But I can’t simply sit
So I re-engage to spit
The trigger is me
Fire on delicate leaves
But then I switch to leave
So others can peacefully live
I dim down the chills

No covers & no sheets
I don’t want to exist
I would rather exit
When I become the beast
I feel sick in this scene
So I put me to sleep
I seek rest in peace
My name is fear

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28 thoughts on “The Switch

  1. Wow! You turned the brightest spotlight on yourself in a “demon-moment”and created this transparent and prickly poem of reactions of anger and fear. You have filmed in black and white a scary scene where you are the propagandist and also the objective director.. I bet that scene won’t overtake you again…You see so clearly what you have done… amazingly all in a poem too… Bravo

    1. You got it right, Karima…I was not Navin…I was fear in that demon moment…even my surroundings could feel that…Poem is me…meaning, poetry is like my transparent diary…I’m the writer, the director & the observer…thank you so very much for your beyond beautiful words…for truly seeing from the eyes of your I (/the soul)…

    1. Thank you for your sharing & heart touching words, Karima…there’s always honesty in your writings…whether you comment or write your lines on your blog…pure blessing…I can sense it strongly….

    1. How beautifully you’ve written…”laid our souls on the tablecloth…right in the first act”…the feeling is mutual, Karima…it’s an honour to have met you…through your amazing writing ✨

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