The Switch

I snapped at my kid, so I wrote down The Switch

I switched the click
Of old memories
I snapped again at him
Blood is the heat
Heart breaks in pieces
I bricked the peace
I hear the screams
Oh again, it’s just me

Everything resets to nil
I’m walking furiously
Throwing a fit
Chasing like wind
Scaring the beings
He’s running in tears
Disappearing with speed
Emptying the fills

I’m burning the stills
But I can’t simply sit
So I re-engage to spit
The trigger is me
Fire on delicate leaves
But then I switch to leave
So others can peacefully live
I dim down the chills

No covers & no sheets
I don’t want to exist
I would rather exit
When I become the beast
I feel sick in this scene
So I put me to sleep
I seek rest in peace
My name is fear

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