The Talk

I got up & checked my titanium
Thoughts were nibbling steadily the cranium
My mind is whispering constantly in derilium
I feel, I’m simply losing my equilibrium

I hear from you, life is so damn busy
Occupied with the routine & all that extra crazy
You say, the run & the churn make you dizzy
But finding time to be mean is still so easy
Don’t you think it sounds a bit messy?

You see, I can read before you even write
That feeling in you as if you’re right
You think whatever you say is to the point
But the engravings in your mind
Are simply misaligned
Actually they’re quite disinclined

So you start to criticize
The chemicals you then synthesize
To make things oversized
To simply want me to visualize
That your world is demonized
But I’m not mesmerized
And I won’t sympathize
Coz the truth in your talks is circumcised

Now hear me out in nutshell
Hope you’ll get it before the shell cracks
Perhaps I should call it a nutcrack
You gotta learn to take a step back
And simply trash your garbage in your backpack
Else you would meet your setback
And end up at the same track
So take a deep breath…..
….. Was the talk of me with myself

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