The Words I Spill

The sign I sight seems like the cyanide of my sigh night with my dimmed & silent eyesight

I begin to sideline the landslide by sending the signals to my left side of my semi numb site

The rain eyes then start to paint the canvas bigger than the pain size to simply pen down the new rhymes as I freestyle

The words I spill in a deep pan to sauté the deep pain when I hammer the membrane to drain out the red diamonds from my dead veins to clot memory in this time frame when I mind game the clueless crossword mindfully that cross ways on my grounding like the crossed waves from different spots of my cloud brain

But then the divine decided to stand in my eyeline when I started to deice the deep voice week wise by this device that divides the deep lines when I recite & resize the precise to free size with the iris of my big eyes that’s lightening my steep choice by lightning from the deep sky to make space for this beautiful U & I of this UnIverse that’s nothing but the pure light

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Photo taken by myself. 

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21 thoughts on “The Words I Spill

  1. Well OK, I had to read it 3 times for it to sink in but in the end, it definitely resonates. Nice work!

  2. Every time I attempt to comment on your amazing, singular poetry, I find that I too must ” “freemind” my lines, to read see you and to describe what your poetry does to me. These small descriptive phrases you use..light a firework display of imagery inside:
    a sigh night
    the rain eyes
    sautéing your words
    “the red diamonds from my dead veins “
    Each descriptive phrase is like a clap of lightening that illuminates another scene…
    I love to comment on poetry that, in some ways inspires me, but in your case, commenting on your poems, Navin, I sometimes feel I fail to describe in my own right how your words dance and play inside my mind… how they titillate and tease and almost show me something..before they hide it away in the next line..Amazing…You are you..Only you can write as you do. I feel longing, in this piece, some anger, real pain lodged in nostalgia about things that came before.. and then all of this..the lightning from your big eyes..somehow and only your brain that works this way, would know..takes you to the golden sunset on the horizon, the healing certainty that ” U & I of this UnIverse that’s nothing but the pure light.” Incredible!! I feel knocked down and brought back lighter, than before, from riding on the light waves of every verse, every surprising puzzle piece revealed!

    1. This is just not a comment…it’s seeing me through my lines…reflection from your beautiful heart & mind…even your review on my poem is so poetic & so profound…I’m awestruck & I’m absolutely speechless…I’ve read your amazing words over & over again…at one point, I had to close my eyes to simply sit with your words…a beautiful feeling…my utmost gratitude to you for writing your lines, Karima…you’re a shiny soulful gem & I’m truly blessed & honoured 🙏✨❤️ 💫

  3. I am stunned. Deeply so. Words that pierce like lightening bolts and make flashes of light go off within, open up glowing gaps of sensation, live wire charges sparkle – I am just going to stay here in silence and feel – just feel what awakened to create this stunning silence within. Deep Breath. This is stunning Navin. What you created with words is stunning.

    1. I’m sitting in the train while I read your beautiful words for the third time…they aren’t just words…they are writing through your awakened senses…I’m soaking them into me…slowly & mindfully…my gratitude to you for this beautiful gift, Pragalbha…I am honored ✨🙏💫💟

  4. wow such a powerful read dear Navin as you empty out and shine the beauty of your light and ours in the U and the I so gorgeously “big eyes that’s lightening my steep choice by lightning from the deep sky to make space for this beautiful U & I of this UnIverse that’s nothing but the pure light”

  5. I think Karima did justice to your piece. I could have never written so beautifully about your work, which was lovely with emotion moving from line to line. I love what Karima said. She is a talented soul. Sending hugs 🤗 and love ❤️ Joni

    1. I am delighted to read your words…that’s kind of you, Joni…thank you very much…Karima is extremely talented being…I’m overwhelmed with such wonderful words…much love & hugs ✨❤️💫

      1. You are so welcome Navin it was such a heart rendering piece. I just loved how Karima described your work. Yes Karima is extremely gifted indeed. I wish I had time to read everyone’s posts but it gets difficult with family and having balance in my life. I am so happy Navin that you are getting deserved recognition for your talent. I am so happy for you. Big hugs and happy Valentines Day. ❤️❤️❤️

          1. You are a friend Navin. I am grateful for your friendship and enjoy reading your work. You have accomplished so much in a year time, you should feel very proud. I couldn’t be more happy for you. Sending a lot of love and hugs your way. ❤️🤗❤️🤗

            1. You’re a dear friend of mine as well Joni…the feeling of gratitude is mutual…I’ve been writing since late 2017…had to close my original site…and I started all over…there’s always a deeper meaning…love & hugs to you 💫❤️✨🤗

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