This Beautiful Scene

Just look at this beautiful scene
Sunny beams in minus five degree C
Snow is the shiny jewel of the trees
The ground is decorated with calming tapestry
The impressions of feet can be very deep
But they will disappear one day eventually
What to lose & what to achieve
It’s never about the win or defeat
Just close or open your lids as you please
And breathe in & out this winter breeze in peace
Listen carefully to the intuition & the beat
The energy is real, it’s pure & serene
The heaven is here, it has always been
Look deep within coz you’re this beautiful scene

Enjoy the video / reel version…This beautiful video is taken by myself…

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9 thoughts on “This Beautiful Scene

  1. So beautiful Navin, and delicate like an icicle,..I miss what you describe so well in your beautiful scene. In my country winter does not come to bring us this unique joy of:
    “Snow is the shiny jewel of the trees”
    “The ground is decorated with calming tapestry”
    Your choice of words and your imagery bring back a nostalgia from long ago and earlier in my life, when winter and all the seasons were an ever-changing reality. Thank you for making this…for taking us along on your winter, woodland walk. Magical my friend 🦋

  2. What a beautiful sharing, Karima…just like when I was living in India, I never experienced snow, even though North India has it…it’s first here in DK, I got the chance to see & feel the beauty of white powder…thank you so very much for your shiny reflection on this beautiful scene 💫

  3. I loved the video and the poem. What a cool idea, just the quiet that the snow makes with the echo of your own footsteps. Beautiful Navin. Beautiful piece of writing. Big hugs, and love, Joni

    1. It’s magical when I was in the forest…I’m delighted to read that you loved the video & the poem…my gratitude to you, dear Joni 💟

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