This Region

I know my brain ain’t no xeon
And perhaps it’s not rendering every bit spot on
But it processes the complex with pure intuition
And my eyes glow as the intense UV neon
They read the hidden with clear vision

The rocks in glass with the golden key on
Unlocking the transparent to create the free zone
The black & white are my preferred crayons
Rubbing them on this paper sheet with me down
Breathing rhymes of my life with beats on

There’s this sacred place, there’s this region
It’s the open space in every single season
It’s inner peace that brings me close to the horizon
There’s simply no chase coz it’s truly spiritual
Connecting to my piece where love is the sole ritual

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12 thoughts on “This Region

  1. Oh Dearest Navin, I am loving what you have been expressing in the last week/ It has taken me a bit to see these newer poems, and they just bowled & rolled me over in the most beautiful and appreciative way. You are you..never have and never have to make excuses about who you are..You know///and we know too, because your honest poetry is filled with all your many truths. What I am sensing in these most recent ones is,a level of contentment and peace, that I don’t always feel when reading you..especially your older works. I feel a level of acceptance, even hope and well being..I love seeing and feeling this in your poetry. This one is a great example of a shift I feel happening…right now, inside of you..I’m excited for you..I want to follow closely how this will all manifest in your writing, your life, your capacity for love… ❤️🌼🌹🤗

    1. Oh wow, you’ve made me speechless by your wonderful, heartfelt & see through words…I’m simply loving what you’ve written…the reason of my late reply on WP is that I’ve been absorbing your words…what a great feeling…it’s simply amazing what & how you see me…your senses are showing you the truth…my utmost gratitude to you for seeing me as I am, my dearest friend…I see you as you are as well, Karima…that’s the whole beauty ✨🙏💫❤️

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