Pain Darkness

This Very Time

The scene changes at this very time
When darkness surrounds my every sigh
My mind then starts to whip a cry
Is this the beginning of another sleepless night?

I want to flame my burning thoughts
And I wish to tear those storm clouds
To reveal the moon full of darker spots
Was everything a dream or just a fog?

The shadowcast on my inner wall
The silhouette of my naked scars
The intensity of my dreamy eyes
Why didn’t I see the blinking lights?

The demons are crawling like tiny spiders
The surface is bleeding with shiny diamonds
The heart is beating with noisy sirens
Have I started loosing my edgy grounding?

Arrows are piercing through my lyrical mind
They’re hitting me hard & smashing my silence
I’m drowning in these waves of the lows & highs
Is that why I’m screaming these crazy rhymes?

The learning of this beautiful life
To accept the unexpected with open lines
I let loose myself to be that kind
Am I smoking into the deadly sign?

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18 thoughts on “This Very Time

  1. Pain expressed so very deeply in this one, Navin. Now I understand why our poetry resonates with each other. Stay blessed and loved always my friend🌹🙏💞

    1. Oh, I never thought of that…but now when you said it, it makes sense….our poetry resonates….thank you for your kind words & blessings….much love, dear Diana ✨ 🙏💫

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