Thoughts in my Head

The pricking sensation in my damaged head
The lost feeling in my left arm & hand

Questioning myself while showering under the tap
How long do I have to take the heavy epilepsy tabs?
How long will it take me to regain my balance & strength?
Would I get my sensation completely back?
Would my brain reroute the signals to reconnect?

All these thoughts are making me crazy & insane
Feel like screaming so loud that the window might get some cracks
Someone please seal my lips so tight with that sticky black tape
These thoughts are stabbing me deeply & my clotted-sickened brain
It feels like the range of patience has changed to that little picture in the frame

I still get shocked that I could’ve ended up on my deathbed
My condition was so bad that I could’ve left my family & this nest
So I’m trying to calm myself down but it’s not always in my hands
When such thoughts take over me, I become the victim of my own psycho head

I can feel that my memory has simply weakend as well
On a Monday I said to someone, have a very good weekend
I know it’s normal after the bleeding in the corner of my head
But it still annoys me, what’s happening, I ain’t a thick head

Therapies are helping me extensively to repair my body & to fix my head
Closing my eyes for a while after daily exercises & taking some deep breaths
Thoughts disappear instantly & I regain my inner strength
Start moving towards the stars without looking back at my tracks
I must close my eyes more often to find inner peace & to come out of my head

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5 thoughts on “Thoughts in my Head

  1. Dearest Navin,
    I know God is there and he is watching. He will take away all your torture and pain.
    I have full Faith! Whenever I pray, I always pray for you too. God will grant you a miracle!
    May God ALWAYS bless you.

    1. That’s so big hearted of you dear SaL…including in your prayers….I’m deeply touched. May God/The Almighty/ The Energy be always with you as well.

      1. Thank you so much Navin. That means the world to me.
        The keywords I’ve learnt are; Give yourself so much of love, respect and care, even if the going gets tough. And, you will heal, miraculously.

        Sending you alot of healings and love.
        Take care,

  2. Oh my….took me by complete surprise….The tears that are stinging mine eyes as I read line after line of the pains you feel during this time it’s not a place anyone would ever want to be to find…indeed. Your love for life is written w/in each insightful rhyme and that’s a blessing that isn’t so easily hid from those of us who have had a different life to live. My heart doesn’t bleed anymore but your words tend to charm a peace of me helping feel more complete even if from different streets….miles apart but still strong in heart…..You will succeed in all this is the final answer no matter what time it is for us to answer…You know…the call to go home. You are a beautiful soul & need by playing around on this earth longer spreading your love & joy for others to see…..Much Love Flowic…..sorry i ran on…..i know it’s okay…but didn’t truly mean nor think i’d be triggered by any ink ….I’ve been so “stale” in emotion ‘sorta speak’ this day …Idk..y…I just let it go by……triggering feeling life would be incomplete to not have a friend like you to share in-between…the layers of what our societies have deemed the right path for all to lead….deeper than the communication that all can only read…it’s beyond all being…thank you for walking with

    1. Wow…the lines you sing….have touched my heart…and mixed in my thick red ink…coz you’re that beautiful crystal rose…who ryhme from the deep…you must know another thing….connections are made in heaven…..though life sometimes appears as hell….but if you see spiritually….darkness is just another form of light….thank you for everything….I cherish our besutiful friendship….you’re simply amazing…much love ❤️

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