Your Presence

Right in this moment, I’m craving for you – Crazy for you
I wish to kiss your soft lips – Flow of passion
The desire to bite you – In pure ecstasy
Just want to dive into you blindly – A beautiful moment
I won’t be able to keep my hands away from your body – The curvy forms

But it was time to open my eyes from the subconscious
You weren’t here with me in your physical form
I felt though your pure energy from the sacred zone
You’ve set my heart on fire
It’s beating heavenly & hot
I feel your presence close to me
Pure intensity in a single shot

No, it wasn’t my longing – I felt your touch
It was so tender & deep
No, it wasn’t the moment of desperation – I smelled your scent
It was so fragrant & toxic
No, it wasn’t my anxiety – I heard myself scream your name
It was so real & yet surreal

The first alphabet is so curvy
Just like those loving beats so divine
Just like the hypnotizing dance of that serpentine
Just like the sensuality in spiritual form
Just wish to show you this crazy reality
You are simply the wave of my heartbeat

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16 thoughts on “Your Presence

  1. Sensational to the bone tingling level….Passion in full form feeding a fire once thought forgotten…beautiful Navin…thank you for sharing

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