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My debut book – Lightning Rhymes

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I create poetry – Poem is me

One day all of a sudden, I felt this crazy need to write a poem as I simply had an opening in me. Something had changed deep down, where I was so much in contact with the real me.

It was neither my patterns nor my Self; I was in contact with my Being – pure consciousness. Seeing the surroundings with a different perspective – that’s what I realized.

Everything was as it was supposed to be in that moment

I was vulnerable in a beautiful manner. It was the first time in my life, I mattered the most to myself. Surroundings were immaterial. Good/bad, positive/negative, light/dark had no meaning.

I wanted to express how I felt, which I did by writing my very first poem, that I published on FB. I did write a few poems on/off back then & published them over there, as I didn’t have a blog at that time.

Expressing through my poetry was certainly helping me, just like peeling the layers of an onion. I never thought of starting a blog. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life, as not only I am able to express, publish & share my writings, but I also am able to connect with other bloggers.

Writing poems is my passion

I write poems when I experience an emotion; a deeper opening/realization; a pure desire. They are my expressions. It has this great therapeutic effect on me as well.

My poems are relatable to people, who are dealing (or have dealt) with traumatic experiences due to something emotional that one has experienced at one point of time.

Rehab, mental illness, brain hemorrhage, feeling numb, feeling of depression, flashbacks, difficulty in sleeping, craving, longing, sadness, fear, anxiety, panic, anger, snapping, dealing with patterns, pain-body are a few things you might be able to see in my writings.

People will also find my poetry interesting, who can relate to the spiritualityinner peace & pure love by being mindful, by connecting with the free flowing energy, by coming in contact with the vibration of the heart, by embracing the present & more.

My inspiration also includes Black-White; Darkness-Light; Rough-Fine; Unknown-Known.

My poems make me transparent

I’m able to show & express who I am & what’s going on with me…the highs & the lows. Poem is me.

Blogging has opened the deeper openings – an opening to share & connect with different people, who bring their own unique content & style, with the same beautiful-beating heart.

Thank you very much to each & every being, who’s been supporting me by reading, liking, commenting, following, sharing / publishing my writings. I really appreciate your kind gesture & love towards my poetry  – it means a lot!

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Much love

Navin ✨❤