Anthology – Utmost Feelings

As you must be knowing by now from my previous post, A beautiful soul – Astha, that Astha’s soul has left her body on 30th April. She was the compiler of an upcoming anthology – Utmost Feelings.

True Dreamster (the publication house) has been kind enough to go forward with this anthology & dedicate it to Astha. It’s now open to all (both indian & international writers), free of charge. Only around 6-8 slots are left, I think (I’ll check with True Dreamster tomorrow). I & some other co-authors of this anthology are helping True Dreamster in finding the remaining ones….to make Astha’s dream come true….by giving it love & light

If you are interested to be a part of this anthology, you can write that in the comment section. Alternatively, you may contact me directly through my contact page or DM me via Instagram (@navinspoetry_). I’ll contact & send you the necessary info & link.

Once your submissions is accepted by True Dreamster, you’ll be added to anthology’s whatsapp group, where you’ll receive info / updates & the eBook & eCertificate when the book is compiled & ready to change its form.


Thank you 💖✨

Here are the details:

Anthology : Utmost Feelings
Theme : Love
Genre : Poetry
Language : English
Entry fee: Free
Open to both indian & international authors

Benefits to co-authors:

  1. 1+3 pages i.e. 1 page for photo and bio and 3 pages for content
  2. co-author’s bio and photo in the book
  3. eCertificate
  4. eBook*
  5. co-author’s feature on the social media platforms

*Paperback version of the poetry book can be ordered from Amazon directly after publishing.

30 thoughts on “Anthology – Utmost Feelings”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this sad news, covid has claimed so many souls, may hers be at peace in the universe. 🙏🏼🥺💔

  2. What a beautiful project! Dear Ashta is so proud and grateful to you, my awesome friend…I know it!!! Keep shining, dear Navin! You’re a bright star in this Universe, thank you for being YOU 🖤🤗🤍

  3. oh Navin so glad you have followed through on this. You know I would happily do this but I think I remember it was for poets of India only… am I correct?💖🌷

    1. It’s open to ALL, Cindy….indian as well international writers. I asked the publication house on Monday (11th May) & they confirmed it.

        1. Cindy, I’m glad you would like to participate….please send me a mail through my contact page (link in this post as well)….and I’ll share with you the link & procedure ❤️🙏

  4. <3 my heart is heavy. i find it beautiful that the light she wanted to share with the world, through this book, will find a way to shine in the world. did you fill up all the slots?

    1. Thank you dear Linda….heartfelt words from you as always ❤️….there are still a few slots available

  5. Wow, I just learned about Astha’s passing from Cindy. I am so saddened. I am sure you have enough writers, Navin, yet, if more are needed, I would be honored. Thank you for completing this work. ❤️🙏

    1. Jeff, thank you for your heartfelt words….the slots are filled but I would like you to send me a poem if you can by tomorrow evening. I’ll talk to the publication house & request them to add you. Please go to and send me following :
      – poem(s) with title (theme: Love)
      – your full name
      – mobile / cell number (for whatsapp anthology grp)
      – email address
      – Instagram handle (if you have any)

      1. I so appreciate you asking the publishing house to add my poem. I just sent you the information you requested, along with the poem. Thank you again, my friend.

  6. Much love to you all for continuing what Astha started. I would be interested to be a part of this. Do let me know if slots are still open. Thanks.

    1. Thank you very much for your heartfelt words…..the slots are closed but let me ask the publication house of they will still accept the submission….in any case, I request you to write a mail to me asap via this link….thank you & much love ✨

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