My Mind (reblogging an updated version)

Let me give you a ride
And take you inside to this site
To give you some insight
Into the arena of my simple mind

It’s been a while since I found sleep by my side
It’s just this one little thing with me
Too many thoughts are nesting inside
Questioning me day & night, the meaning of life

I feel like detonating my thoughts at times
To simply blow up my own mind
To make some space during the sleepless nights
To change those formless kinds into this form of rhymes

My mind often wears no armor under roaring skies
Unlike that strong dark knight in olden times
Covered in steel & gold in those bloodthirsty fights
That used to kill to conquer for ego & pride

My mind phrases these words & scatter them on this dark page
Just like the shining stars sprinkled all over the dark space
The constellation of burning stars you see far far away
Where the unknown finally meets its ace, the card of spades

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Photo taken by myself. 

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32 thoughts on “My Mind (reblogging an updated version)

  1. Navin, you know, the words flow beautifully, but I’m also struck by how the stanzas somehow get longer and longer, one after the other… it really captures the imagination and draws one attention to each subsequent stanza and then back again to the beginning with curiosity 🙂


    1. I’m glad you noticed this, David…thank you so very much for your beautiful words & your observation…I appreciate them very much ✨❤️💫

  2. Your poem has taken me on a safari of the most intricate and exquisite creations of God, in my opinion…such a wonderful description of the masterpiece which is your mind, I find it fascinating, in particular 🙂

    1. My eyes are wide open after reading your heartfelt words…I don’t even know how to express…coz I’m deeply touched & speechless at the same time…thank you so very much ✨🙏💫💟

  3. This was a wonderful ride..and to echo David’s comment, I see your stanzas elongating…and ..that happens to me too..As you enter the word takes you downstream and little details like word count… mean nothing..I loved that flow in this poem, but Navin, please don’t blow up all those words:) Dance with them, ride them down your ingenious rapids…I just did:)

    1. That’s quite true…I absolutely connect with what you’ve written…”As you enter the word takes you downstream and little details like word count… mean nothing..” I won’t blow up all those words…haha…so beautifully written…I’ll dance with them…I’m glad you did as well…thank you so very much for your wonderful & heartfelt words, Karima 💫

      1. Happy New Year Navin! I loved your book..I hope you like the review I left you:) Karima Alma:) Translated means Generous(Arabic-Karima) Soul (Spanish-Alma)

        1. Thank you very much for your wishes…Happy New Year to you as well…I’m crazy happy to know that you loved my book…this means a lot to me…I love your review…my utmost gratitude to you…You truly are a Generous Soul…A Beautiful Being…A Shining Star…Pure Energy

  4. Absolutely amazing poem – I truly enjoy how it speak clearly to me and I am in awe of how you give words with such stunning beauty. Mind is such a great tool for magic, beauty and creation itself, yet can play havoc as a master. It is a treasure what your mind brings to us with poetry.

    1. My eyes are wide open & they’re shining after reading your sparkling words…thank you very much, Pragalbha…I cherish them 🙏💫💟

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