A poem & a sketch by my friends

This poem was written by my dear friend on my b’day on 11th October. But I’ve saved it for today as today is the day of my rebirth. Exactly 1 year back, I was rushed to the hospital – I was hit by brain hemorrhage. I believe strongly there was a deeper meaning to come so close to death, especially after another bleeding in bleeding while I was admitted; to feel numb; to lose my senses. It’s my wake-up call.

I’m learning to take one step at a time, to balance physically & mentally, to accept my outer & inner self and be the change for my own & others sake. No matter what, I don’t try to hide even though I’m full of sharp & imperfect edges. I couldn’t have come so far without the support & love from my family, friends, colleagues, therapists & you all – my readers & I’m whole heartedly thankful for that.

A special thanks to Nitin for this heartfelt poem in hindi & to T.V.S.S. Anand, for sketching me back then. We did engineering together from the same institute. We’re still close friends, along with our other college mates…it’s a blessing to have friends in life…time & geographic location are simply an illusion…the energy flows…it’s the higher connection.

यारो का यार है वो इमोशनल समझदार है वो

हर महफिल में शामिल वो रहता
तोल मोल कर अपनी बात वो कहता

जज़्बातों को समेट कर कविता बनाता है वो
दिल के राज़ इशारों में जताता है वो
Smile उसकी दिलो को जीत लेती है ,
मैं नही, लड़कियां ये कहती हैं

क्रिकेट ग्राउंड हो या टैंक का टॉप
क्लास में मस्ती हो या ड्राइंग का संताप
सेशनल का टोपो हो या ड्राफ्टर की उधारी
Ultimates के साथ खूब निभाई यारी

‘पापड़ खानी’ बोलो या “सिंधी”, “और भाया” कहकर टाल देता है ,
पर गांधी नही कि एक गाल पर मारो तो दूसरा गाल देता है।

गुस्सा आये तो सेंटी भी हो जाता है
रौद्र रूप भरी कविता लिखने में खो जाता है।

किस्मत के सापों और सीढ़ियों से पहुंच गया। डेनमार्क
और घर मे ही बना डाला चिल्ड्रन्स पार्क

सशा सोफस निलय इसके दिल मे बसते है।
मैंगो और मुर्गियों के साथ दिन सुकून से कटते है।

और जब हिंदी में बड़बड़ाने का कीड़ा काटता है
तो ग्रुप के अधर्मियों को Vegan का ज्ञान बाँटता है।

लंबू अमिताभ सा सुपरस्टार है वो
यारो का यार, इमोशनल समझदार है वो।

और कैसे मनायें तेरे जन्मदिन को
हैप्पी बर्थडे ‘माणिक’ नवीन को।


Translated in english by Nitin’s daughter:

A great friend, his emotional quotient is unmatched

The cynosure at every party
Expresses himself with weighed words

Deep thoughts conveyed through his poems
Secrets from his heart become the ink on paper
His smile wins the heart of everybody
Not me, it’s the ladies who say this

On the cricket ground or top of a tank
Comedy in the class or tragedy in art
Copying the assignment or borrowing a drafter
He stayed by our side in all the endeavors

Tease him with his nickname, he smiles in return
But don’t expect a saint, if you toss at him a stone

When angry or frustrated, he gets sentimental
Pens down a poem filled with emotions

Through snakes and ladders of destiny, reached Denmark
Turned his beautiful home into a children’s park

Sacha, Sofus & Nilay are his heart and soul
Life is merry with his chickens and Mango, the dog

When struck by the desire to shout in his native tongue
Delivers speeches on Veganism to the uncultured lot

Towering over us like the superstar he is
A great friend, his emotional quotient is unmatched

Don’t know a better way
To wish you Manik (ruby/bead in hindi) Navin, a happy birthday


Please do read these 3 poems:
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59 thoughts on “A poem & a sketch by my friends”

    1. That means you are from October as well 😊 ✨
      I’ll ask my friend to write it in English as well, whenever he can…I’ll reblog this post then

        1. Cool, so you too are Libra….I’m sure, you’ll learn hindi pretty fast….I’ll post/republish as & when I receive the English version….have already asked my friend 😊

  1. I am sorry sorry that you had to go through your a hard times. I admire how you saved your friend’s poem. It shows what a beautiful friendship you shared. Since you call it rebirth- welcome to the socicated pleasure of life.. Learn from past, dream about future and live the present like it’s the last day.

    Have a great weekend Navin😊✌

    1. Life is what life is…full of the moments, where we meet the unknown…yeah, it’s truly a beautiful friendship I/we shared…it’s a blessing…thanks for welcoming me…it’s true, I’m living in the moment …the biggest lesson/knowing of this wake-up call…Thank you for your lovely words…have a peaceful week ahead ✨😊

  2. A beautiful poem! Happy rebirth. I also want to share a note, because it synchronistically came up in my university reading last week. The narrator in Mezzanine believes its a “good thing for brain cells to die” because “with fewer total cells, there is more connections between each cell, the quality of your knowledge undergoes a transformation: you begin to have a feel for situations, people fall into types, your past memories link together, and your life begins to seem, as it hadn’t when you were younger, an inevitable thing composed of a million small failures and successes dependently inter grown, a opposed to bright beadlike row of unaffiliated moments” (Baker 23). I hope it connects with you in some way.

    1. Thank you….I loved the poem from my friend….one of the most beautiful gift from him….thank you for wishing me on my rebirth….oh, it makes so much sense….with a fewer brain cells….but then I get a bit tensed….if I think of Homer Simpson’s brain….coz then there won’t be too much left 😉….jokes apart, I do get what you mean….everything has changed “overnight”….though I keep “falling”, I do sense what’s happening….which helps in finding the shaky balance….it’s like I’ve got a different set of spects to look & observe every single detail…sometimes, it’s difficult to handle the surroundings, including myself….so baby steps….2 forward & perhaps 1 back….it’s still a progress….so I get & connect with what I’ve just read 🙏✨

      1. Haha, that joke made me laugh! I think you made a pun there as well… taking “baby steps” on your rebirth. 🙂 Even though it’s “shaky”, it sounds like you see the new/overwhelming world around you as a continuous road to walk on rather than an earthquake that takes you off your feet! <3

              1. Yeah, the unknown! Life is so mysterious, haha. Adventures is such a fun way to think about it! I am imagining that it’s a bit like a lost and found (discovery) adventure, a falling and getting up adventure, and an adventure where we are free-falling and encouraged to surrender rather than resist the fall. 😆

  3. What a wonderful tribute from your friend! To celebrate you, your mind, your friendship, your personality and it appears your charm, as well (as I read that smile of yours has?)..lol..this is so kind and sweet. I, for one, am soooo grateful that you survived this ordeal and that you share the battles and journey of this all…your rawness is an unmatched beauty and know that I am very present with you, celebrating this birth date with you…sending you soulful and spiritual embraces! ❤🤗❤

    1. Oh wow….so beautiful words….I’m deeply touched….they mean a lot to me….it’s kind of you as well….”I am very present with you, celebrating this birth date with you…sending you soulful and spiritual embraces!”….gratitude & sending you lots of love & spiritual embraces…..no masks & hand spirit needed❤️✨🤗

    1. It surely is….that’s why I was saving this poem from my friend for this day…thank you for your wishes, Jay…even they have a peaceful & soothing fragrance.

  4. My dearest Nitin, we are all lucky that you are ok. Peace and blessings to you and your family.

    October 11… how interesting 😉
    Anyway, sending you love and fresh flowers. Stay well. Stay inspired. Stay loved.

    1. Thanks dearest Gabriela….it’s my friend, Nitin who wrote that beautiful poem to me on my b’day 11th Oct….I’m very grateful to him….I saved that poem for this special occasion of my rebirth 7th Nov….much love Navin ❤️

  5. Oh, the poem was amazing!! He revealed a lot more about you to us. It’s a blessing to have such a friend who had been with you for this long, knowing your hardships.
    I loved every single line!❤️
    Thank you so much for the translation.
    Is Manik your nickname?!

    1. He surely did…which I loved as well…friends know best…I’m glad you loved every line…that means a lot….Manik is my surname/last name 😊

  6. Oh Dear Navin,
    First off, Happy Birthday! I am so sorry I didn’t see this post but I do think it’s appropriate to keeo the celebration lasing well into December and come up completely resurected. My what and experiece you had to go through. WoW!!!! How scary!!! I’m glad you are ok. It’s no wonder you have sounded down at times.. Your brain has needed some regrouping and rest time. What a beautiful poem from yuour friend that says it all! I’m so glad I stumbled on this post and ot sure how I missed it. I’m sending love and birthday blessings for a very special person. Big hugs and love. 🤗❤️🤗❤️ Cindy

    1. Thank you very much, dear Cindy…I believe strongly, everything happens for a reason…this was purely a wake-up call, so I could start seeing the things from a different perspective…the highs & the lows are the part of the ride…but we all go through different & difficult times…I must keep the celebrations going on until I last…each & every day could be easy or difficult…I don’t live in the days anymore…I live in the moment…it could be of different shade…but that’s where the learning hides…it’s truly an amazing gift from my dear friend…he normally sings but this time he wrote this beautiful poem…thank you for your kind words…no worries if you didn’t see this post earlier…there’s always a deeper reason…when there’s time, then there’s time…much love ❤️

      1. You are so welcome Gavin and I do agree with you that there is a reason and a season. Not all heed the messages and I love that you do and don’t take one minute for granted. That is a huge gift! His poem was so lovely and I’d love to hear him sing it in a song!!!! I’m so glad I found it too! Hope you see I’m trying to follow you! ❤️❤️❤️ Cindy

        1. Gavin likes your comment 😉….I’ll ask my friend to send me a couple of links of his songs….he sings in hindi though….but again, music has no language when it can touch heart, just like that…oh, I can see you’re trying to follow me & I’m very grateful….much appreciated….thank you, Cindy ❤️ ✨

            1. Hmm….activate the reader….I don’t even know what it means….coz everything is activated on my side….as I see others are able to follow me…..a handful have today….I must check though tomorrow what else I can do….are you sure, if problem isn’t at your end, Cindy?

  7. This is a beautiful poem and I enjoyed reading it! I am going to read the 3 poems that you suggested, as I loved the poem your friend wrote! Thank you for sharing 🙂

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂

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