THIS IS AN AWARENESS POST…I’ve come to know, how a handful of people, especially men are sexually harassing female gender on Instagram…I’m calling them pervs, freaks, creeps….coz that’s what they truly are…I read a few posts over there & one thing led to another & I ended up reading 4-5 posts in 2 days…I don’t know how many more such posts exist…but this has made me to write my new poem – PervALert…I wrote it last night…I’ve also shared the screenshots (edited) with the IG handles of these pervs on my original post…I encourage you to read it if you’re on Instagram & REPORT + BLOCK them…you’ll find the link below…I’m sure, these types are everywhere & gender isn’t important at all….Instagram, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook etc etc…sadly that’s also a part of social media…To me, it’s important to spread awareness instead of keeping such things to myself.

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Here’s my poem – PervALert

I simply couldn’t believe….
When I first time read this on my feed
That IG is filled with a handful of pervs & freaks
Who sexually harass young girls, women & perhaps other human beings
They keep playing with innocent people as if they’re flipping the paper sheets

I found out….
Some try to approach by being empathetic in the beginning
Some try to gain the trust very slowly
Some play with themselves during the live stream
Some send the unsolicited sexual pictures of their thing

Dear victims, please don’t tell me….
You don’t feel violated, sad & angry
You don’t cry in your corner & think of disappearing instantly
You have accepted to live with all this as if it’s just a normal evening
You’ve given up coz you feel IG isn’t listening as they should have been

But I can’t keep quiet….
Coz I’m already fed up of these perverted freaks
Who believe they can do anything whatever they feel
Who keep changing their skins but keep the same impurity
Innocent people who speak out get blocked by these abusers unfortunately

I’m speaking to you directly through this poetry
Oh please, you think you can get away with your freakin’ sick deeds
I’m sharing your screens to strip you naked here publicly
I’m writing this piece in an attempt to get you removed permanently

And if you feel like confronting me….
Come & get me you creep, I’m waiting for you patiently
You see, I’m that beast, that will split you in pieces lyrically
I know you can feel the heat of my ink that’s bleeding intensely
If you won’t stop, then I’ll share every single screenshot on different social media without even a blink

And before I go, please let me be clear with you all….
I’ve already taken permission to share the screenshots from these kind beings
I would still hide their names for the sake of their privacy
So Mr. Perverted creepy freak, you better disappear from this scene voluntarily
People come here to share their creativity with others in peace & harmony

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Reblogging – Complicating the Simplicity

When I sit on my hot seat to see the lively scenes on my fractured screen with absolutely no screams, everything seems seamlessly lovely & spotless from the safe distance of those crazy complexities

Just let me be & let me breathe and let me see, if you can really see through, when I project my transparency of the transparent me through the window, that transpires the red ink into the frame of moist & mixed feelings

You see, it’s not possible to understand a single word if the divinity of this world won’t be unfolded coz the understated unknown energies are being underrated & underestimated by the human nature, that’s simply busy in blowing the overrated & meaningless smoking swirls, generated by some useless extrapolation of quite simple assumptions, which in turn takes the mankind to the senseless & rusted junctions

So many different meanings of a pretty simple thing is just like demonizing the simplicity & degrading the cold feeling after the aftermath of burning flames, when it’s very much possible to sense the unseen but still, one keeps throwing the senseless theories without actually smelling the essence of pure simplicity & acknowledging the power of the unseen energies

It’s senseless if you try to make sense of every single word separately, but if you simply sense the flow of pure energy, you’ll see a whole deeper dimension of this crazy scribbling

So do you get now the complexity of simply complicating the simplicity of simply me?

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I am truly honoured to share with you all the first ever real collaboration in my life with none other than the amazing Ace from Fearless Free Soul. Collaborating with Ace was purely profound flow of energy, that’s presented in the form of this poem. My gratitude to my dear friend, Ace to collaborate with me 🤍🙏✨

Flow - Ace - Navin
Photo taken by Ace

If you see my face
I’d smile in the space
Would you see the real me?
Either way, I’ll be free
If you deal with my phase
I’d fall in your gaze
Would you then be afraid?
I’m more than reflection’s shade
If you read my phrase
I’d still be traveling my maze
Would you frame what I feel?
I am me, always real
If you stitch with colorful threads
Wound tight, my love still spreads
Would the patterns be revealed?
I’ll be courageous, take down my shield
If you look in darker clouds
I stand apart from the crowds
Would you shine the pure energy?
I am my own galactic synergy
If you sea me dead
I still exist, never fled
Would I fly in the sky consciously?
I’d be at home, honestly
If you smell the essence
I’d absorb love’s fluorescence
Would you inhale the serenity?
I’d exhale fear’s identity
If you sense with grace
I dream the rest of this chase
Would you be divine synchronicity?
I am infinity’s electricity

Ace + Navin

And here’s the image version of Flow. Poster created by Ace & photo taken by Navin

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Utmost Feelings Anthology – Live Now

Dear readers,

I’m extremely delighted, proud & honoured to share this great news that Utmost Feelings Anthology is finally out now. This anthology is very close to my heart & I don’t have enough words to express. It has much higher & profound value than my participation as a co-author / involvement in this project. I’m sure, you must’ve already figured that out by reading my previous posts about Astha & this anthology.

Utmost Feelings Anthology - Live Now

The poetry book is published and is available on different platforms now.

If you wish to buy it in paperback / eBook edition, here are the links:

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Website & Instagram handles of the publishing house:

True Dreamster | @true_dreamster | @dreamers.shelf

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Much love,

Navin 💖✨🙏

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I sleep in my shed with no sheet on my shape to reveal myself in this naked dream
I could sense your delicate presence and your gentle touch on my rough & wounded skin
The wet taste of tenderness was breathless when your reminiscence kissed my thirsty lips
The beauty & the beast I could reel with the tip of my screams in one single & effortless sync
These days my heart is burning in fire & dark memories, so I pen my art with sighs & I drop the beat
Longing to belong & to be can stream the rivery of my inner scene into the whispers of my lonely tears
The thing is that I can see the serene smile instantly & sea the shine of your waterfall with crystals green
The pink thread & pinpricks did stitch mess & paint sick but the fact remains it’s still you that I purely miss
It’s you I mirror & it’s you I loved with pure intention but today only your reflection is left in the song – it’s you

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Reblogging – Set Me Free

The glimpse of you
Refreshed the memory
The sense of you
Close to me
The presence of you
Is pure intensity
The voice of yours
Is sitting in me
Every word of yours
Is roaring inside of me
Takes me back
Makes me sad
It makes me cry
I am loosing control
Is the glimpse of me
Being left alone
Is the presence of me
No hand to hold
Are the words of mine
Let them flow
Free the soul
Free the mind
Wish to set you free
Let me BE
Set me free

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Taking a break

I’m taking a break from WP for some time
No, I ain’t disappearing coz I don’t hide
There’s raining heavily & there’s no light
But I’ll keep writing my poetry offline
I won’t be clicking on comment or like
Thanks for understanding, pls don’t mind
Keep expressing through your fine lines
I’ll see you for sure on the other side

Reblogging – Speechless I became

It all started here when I felt the very first time this need to express my state of Being in the form of this poem.

Speechless I became

When I saw the glimpse of me

Felt a sudden shift

Paused were the thoughts

Everything came to a halt

Tears began to fall

Soul wanted to scream

Inner pain was so real

Wounds wanted to heal

I began to breathe

Transparent in the moment

Vulnerability at its peak

The moment of inner peace

Where joy and sadness were one

Good and bad had no meaning

Darkness was the Light

Loved that very Sight

The moment of true presence

Where Heart was the only Sense

Truth was the One

When I saw me

—– Speechless I became —–

It all started here when I felt the very first time this need to express my state of Being in the form of this poem. It was here I really saw the real me. I was feeling very vulnerable in a beautiful way. Rollercoaster ride filled with inner peace, where I couldn’t differentiate good from bad, joy from sadness, light from dark. Everything was simply as it was supposed to be. I published this poem on 12/01/2017 on FB as I didn’t have a blog back then. Never thought that writing poems would become such an important part of my life; of me. This poem will always be the special one.

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A poem & a sketch by my friends

This poem was written by my dear friend on my b’day on 11th October. But I’ve saved it for today as today is the day of my rebirth. Exactly 1 year back, I was rushed to the hospital – I was hit by brain hemorrhage. I believe strongly there was a deeper meaning to come so close to death, especially after another bleeding in bleeding while I was admitted; to feel numb; to lose my senses. It’s my wake-up call.

I’m learning to take one step at a time, to balance physically & mentally, to accept my outer & inner self and be the change for my own & others sake. No matter what, I don’t try to hide even though I’m full of sharp & imperfect edges. I couldn’t have come so far without the support & love from my family, friends, colleagues, therapists & you all – my readers & I’m whole heartedly thankful for that.

A special thanks to Nitin for this heartfelt poem in hindi & to T.V.S.S. Anand, for sketching me back then. We did engineering together from the same institute. We’re still close friends, along with our other college mates…it’s a blessing to have friends in life…time & geographic location are simply an illusion…the energy flows…it’s the higher connection.

यारो का यार है वो इमोशनल समझदार है वो

हर महफिल में शामिल वो रहता
तोल मोल कर अपनी बात वो कहता

जज़्बातों को समेट कर कविता बनाता है वो
दिल के राज़ इशारों में जताता है वो
Smile उसकी दिलो को जीत लेती है ,
मैं नही, लड़कियां ये कहती हैं

क्रिकेट ग्राउंड हो या टैंक का टॉप
क्लास में मस्ती हो या ड्राइंग का संताप
सेशनल का टोपो हो या ड्राफ्टर की उधारी
Ultimates के साथ खूब निभाई यारी

‘पापड़ खानी’ बोलो या “सिंधी”, “और भाया” कहकर टाल देता है ,
पर गांधी नही कि एक गाल पर मारो तो दूसरा गाल देता है।

गुस्सा आये तो सेंटी भी हो जाता है
रौद्र रूप भरी कविता लिखने में खो जाता है।

किस्मत के सापों और सीढ़ियों से पहुंच गया। डेनमार्क
और घर मे ही बना डाला चिल्ड्रन्स पार्क

सशा सोफस निलय इसके दिल मे बसते है।
मैंगो और मुर्गियों के साथ दिन सुकून से कटते है।

और जब हिंदी में बड़बड़ाने का कीड़ा काटता है
तो ग्रुप के अधर्मियों को Vegan का ज्ञान बाँटता है।

लंबू अमिताभ सा सुपरस्टार है वो
यारो का यार, इमोशनल समझदार है वो।

और कैसे मनायें तेरे जन्मदिन को
हैप्पी बर्थडे ‘माणिक’ नवीन को।


Translated in english by Nitin’s daughter:

A great friend, his emotional quotient is unmatched

The cynosure at every party
Expresses himself with weighed words

Deep thoughts conveyed through his poems
Secrets from his heart become the ink on paper
His smile wins the heart of everybody
Not me, it’s the ladies who say this

On the cricket ground or top of a tank
Comedy in the class or tragedy in art
Copying the assignment or borrowing a drafter
He stayed by our side in all the endeavors

Tease him with his nickname, he smiles in return
But don’t expect a saint, if you toss at him a stone

When angry or frustrated, he gets sentimental
Pens down a poem filled with emotions

Through snakes and ladders of destiny, reached Denmark
Turned his beautiful home into a children’s park

Sacha, Sofus & Nilay are his heart and soul
Life is merry with his chickens and Mango, the dog

When struck by the desire to shout in his native tongue
Delivers speeches on Veganism to the uncultured lot

Towering over us like the superstar he is
A great friend, his emotional quotient is unmatched

Don’t know a better way
To wish you Manik (ruby/bead in hindi) Navin, a happy birthday


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Bleeding Numbers was the time when my brain did bleed

The Reunion when I met all my dear mates, almost 2 years back.

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Loving & Living

I’m going through several different emotions, so I paint this picture with different shades.

The flow of blood, that’s streaming
The flow of air, that’s breathing
The percussions of heart, that’s beating
The thoughts of someone, that feeling


But then the lightning struck in its own beautiful form
The shields are up to protect & push away ones own reflection
Everything changes in that very moment, pure deflection
The lungs inflate & deflate heavily in this painful reaction


It feels like the heart is burning in the ice cold furnace
Phrasing phase to face requires enormous courage
But this crazy love won’t disappear from the core & its blood surface
Love is the heart of this beautiful, light & dark universe

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