My Halloween

I’m about to jot

Which might sound bitter & odd

But I’m gonna say it anyway loud

What’s it all about?

Get ready to find out

No, it’s jut not a thought I sprout

I feel this crazy need

To tell & simply scream

It’s not that I’m mean

And I don’t want to demean

But it seems like a theme

No, it’s not halloween

I’ve been trying to win the fight

Against this force that holds me tight

It makes me lose the clear sight

And I can’t see the burning light

As if I’m entangled in the dark night

No, it’s not the scary & secluded site

I hear & it seems

Something is living in me

And it keeps controlling

The way I’m breathing

As if I’m stuck inside of me

The air is not flowing free

It feels that I’m dying

No, I’m not feeling pity & crying

And if that wasn’t enough

The turf is now quite rough

All I want is to punch it so tough

And to hit it with a spinning curve

To break open the skies to tears

No, it’s not about being fierce

Before you even wonder

No need to even ponder

It’s my inside thunder

Perhaps the moments of wander

Try to visualize this picture

No, It’s not about my blunders

Amidst this chaos & pollution

Everything is dissolving in the solution

Self revelation & manifestation

Evolution of true creation

Compassion & affection

No, it was never about the man made diversion

The only way is to look deeper

The only moment is neither past nor future

The only I is the eye of wisdom

The only truth is the eternal love

The only God is the love you are

So take off the costume to be that life

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2 thoughts on “My Halloween

  1. As I was reading this, a picture formed of had dark eyes and the energy in them was intense and cold at the same time…as if your soul shivered…your arms by your side wanting to avoid it becoming physical and all I wanted to do was pin you against a wall and absorb that energy so that I may relieve you of that until that cold intensity melted away and so all became well…

    1. I’m deeply touched….the picture of me formed in you isn’t far away from how I was feeling at that time….I still remember that clearly….it’s like you can really sense my writings….simply magnificent….just don’t get tainted by absorbing my energy….by relieving me….but then I’ll be there for you….

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