The blessing You are

You are the blessing

Formed as pain

You are the beautiful rose

Ornamented with sharp thorns

You are the sensitive heart

Carrying the blood thirsty arrow

You are the spiritual guide

Unleashing the darkest side

You are the third eye

Tearing apart the superficial pride

You are the pure power

Revealing the weakest corner

You are the fierce warrior

Killing to rebirth The New

I bow to You

You are my sacred blessing

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4 thoughts on “The blessing You are

  1. if you choose not to bow it’ll guide you too……’s about being ready for what’s to ensue…..w/out the fear it brings everything so much more clear….of visions unseen. I’ve always felt in my dreams. ie: the title of my page….”sweet dreams” and “rude awakenings”…….foretold before it took hold……”many of one” that was just for fun w/the voices i’d always contended w/since young…..little had i known the meaning it’d soon own…….I’m home…just knock ;]

    1. Now I understand why you’ve chosen the title….You are Many of One…..that I can sense….it’s your deeper conscious….inner intelligence….that has chosen

      1. When I was in the bodily throes…..oh, gosh the woods were calling me home…..
        I thought it odd at first….those who did give me birth. They were part of the harm to the hurt. I was reconnecting w/the earth that helped me divert a much worse fate that could have played…given humans of today.

        I reached to her ….little had I known, I was going to be slapped in the face…but this time w/such beautiful amazing grace.

        I take these steps, as babies do…….without fear and feeling fresh [haha]

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