Reblogging – When you look into me

You looked at me
With those intense eyes
You smiled at me
With those beautiful lips
You cried with me
With tears in your eyes
You held me tight
With those earthly arms
You gave me space
With that loving heart
You were there for me
With those meaningful words
The impression of you
Is permanent in me

The energy from the moment
Has struck me deep
The sole purpose of you
Was to look deeper into me
Where Pain & Agony
Were the different forms of Love
Where Spirituality was the only Reality
Where there was space for Anxiety
Where things were as they are
Where Manipulation was very far
I am no one
But the reflection of you
I see myself in you
When you look into me

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Spoken Word – Smoking Sacred & My Confession

I wrote Smoking Sacred in January 2021…at that time I published it with Spoken Word…but I had to take it down within 30 minutes due to an issue (non-technical)…A couple of readers even commented on my Spoken Word…but I had to delete that part…I didn’t like doing so…coz remaining true to myself & to my readers is absolutely important…I had never done such thing before…and I don’t intend to do it again…ever…please accept my apologies…authenticity & honesty is what I flow…this is who I am…I won’t be changing that part of me for no one…take it or leave it…therefore, I’m publishing the Spoken Word now…please note, I’m not doing so for the sake of likes or positive or uplifting comment(s)…I’m doing it to make it right…the way it was supposed to be…right from the very beginning…thank you very much

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Reblogging – The demons in me

The demons in me
are screaming and dancing
making me restless;

The demons in me
are whispering and laughing
making me nervous;

The demons in me
are twisting and turning
not letting me breathe;

The demons in me
are nesting inside me
trying to break me in pieces;

The demons in me
are a part of me now
So I let them stay
without giving attention;

The demons in me
are simply reflections
my own interpretations;

The demons in me
are Control, Ego and Painbody
Nobody but me can set them free;

The demons in me
wish to open my Heart
So I can let my Self leave
and be the Very Being.

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Reblogging – Speechless I became

It all started here when I felt the very first time this need to express my state of Being in the form of this poem.

Speechless I became

When I saw the glimpse of me

Felt a sudden shift

Paused were the thoughts

Everything came to a halt

Tears began to fall

Soul wanted to scream

Inner pain was so real

Wounds wanted to heal

I began to breathe

Transparent in the moment

Vulnerability at its peak

The moment of inner peace

Where joy and sadness were one

Good and bad had no meaning

Darkness was the Light

Loved that very Sight

The moment of true presence

Where Heart was the only Sense

Truth was the One

When I saw me

—– Speechless I became —–

It all started here when I felt the very first time this need to express my state of Being in the form of this poem. It was here I really saw the real me. I was feeling very vulnerable in a beautiful way. Rollercoaster ride filled with inner peace, where I couldn’t differentiate good from bad, joy from sadness, light from dark. Everything was simply as it was supposed to be. I published this poem on 12/01/2017 on FB as I didn’t have a blog back then. Never thought that writing poems would become such an important part of my life; of me. This poem will always be the special one.

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A poem – Smoking Sacred

I don’t know how to tell you this
But you’re in my every single script
I hope you can feel when you read it
And I hope you can see how I see it

You entered with your blue heaven in my dark sky
You looked with your green crystals in my brown eyes
You poured your pure love in my wounded life
You shined your golden light on my blinded side

When I walk in fresh air, I breathe your verses
When I bathe in hot water, I steam your presence
When I look in the mirror, I reflect your crystals
When I touch my chest, I hear your music

We’re over a thousand miles apart, our energies are strongly bonded
My heart is filled with your love, there are no empty spaces
I’m picturing you & me together, our bodies are purely naked
We’re melting into each other, the souls are smoking sacred

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The Sacred Connection

I’m writing my intense dream in the form of this poetry. The feeling of being connected to my last life, with my then wife. I’m still mesmerized as I can still feel the heart connection, love, the intimacy; the spiritual side is pure divine.

Once upon a time
He saw this woman so beautiful & divine
She was the goddess with intense eyes
Her dance was sensual & mesmerizing
She was wearing red, her moves were hypnotizing

She was dancing bare feet on the sandy ground
Splashing waves was the music in background
The campfire lit the scene in the dark
Her face was radiant in those golden sparks

His eyes were fixed on this beautiful divine
He was watching her closely with bird’s-eye
He was drawn to her immensely, no surprise
She wanted his attention, no denying
She had waited for him long for several lives

He landed close to her, as if he had the wings to fly
They looked deep into each other’s big & intense eyes
Instant love & connection, the two sacred hearts
He flew back to his place where he belonged
While he was carrying her in his arms

He was an Egyptian king in his past life
She became his queen, the one with the title of his wife
She was the only one, who could see through his eyes
She filled his life with a purpose, her love & pure divine
The twin flames still burning, they’re one of a kind
The magic is still living from the flames of their past life

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Happy B’day My Dearest Wife

This poem is dedicated to my wife on her b’day, expressing how I feel and how she’s been supporting me & being there for the whole family in difficult times.

  1. You are that golden & intense sunshine
  2. Who lighten up my darkened shades & gloomy signs
  3. Even though we’re going through very difficult times
  4. It’s you, who has kept me & the family alive
  5. You’re the beautiful being with the sense of the sublime
  6. The heart of yours is pure & divine
  7. The emotions flow in you as the waves – sinusoid
  8. I’m deeply thankful that you’re in my life
  9. I know, I don’t always show it & sometimes I make you cry
  10. But you must know that I love you very high, you’re the magical kind
  11. Jan – A Very Happy B’day from our beautiful kids & me – my dearest & beautiful wife

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Pills, Pieces & Peace

I am going crazy in my mind, tired in my body & loosing energy. Pain in my body, unable to sleep & epilepsy is making me to take quite heavy cocktail of pills – medication.

Taking the strong epilepsy pills twice a day since I’ve got the cramps
Every night painkiller & anti histamin join this insane party of flashy pills
Feeling doped but I still can’t sleep or get rid of the body pain
Hoping this all will soon end coz I don’t want to be pills’ dependent

Pills are keeping a few things away from me
But they’re also poisoning me slowly
So many chemicals in my body flowing, pure impurity
Don’t have enough energy to handle them & still remain me

The feeling of moving 2 steps forward & 1 backward
It’s not that things aren’t moving on the right path
But it doesn’t mean I feel normal as I used to be
Perhaps that’s the meaning to redefine & redesign me

Sometimes it’s irritating when I can’t hold the things with my left hand as I used to be
Every other day I’m breaking something into pieces, that brings the frustration into me
But I’m not giving up & I won’t coz keep failing is the way of learning
Mesmerized at the same time how brain has affected me physically & mentally

The feeling of handicap comes & goes when I can’t do the things I used to
Struggling to do the small things that used to be so normal back then to me
Where I never had to think of “how to” or “now let me see”
I must drop the phrase “that I used to be” coz I need to rewire to reach where I used to be

At times I feel the heavy burden on the whole family
Just want to break down this wall with my left fist & want to scream
Until every single brick gets crushed or falls apart
Where I retain my balance without my brain makes me feel dizzy

Don’t tell me it’s very normal
Don’t tell me this is how it is
Don’t tell me it’s a part of the process
Don’t tell me I’m not getting crazy

No, I’m not writing so you feel bad about me
No, sympathy is the last thing I need
Perhaps this is the reminder to be thankful for every single thing
It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small or very simple thing

I’m calm & determined but restless & annoyed at the same time
Complex but that’s what’s going on
Still learning to accept my situation
Where the key is patience & inner peace
They can’t be found anywhere but in the burning core of this human being

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Piece of Mind

I’m frustrated, annoyed, sad, angry and having difficulties in focussing or doing anything as I keep comparing how easy it was for me before the brain haemorrhage. I can’t sleep at nights as my mind is talking to me constantly. I’m trying to reset my mind by looking at the spiritual aspect by living in the present; by dissolving the thoughts of my crazy mind. I am visualizing hope & light in the form fireflies that brighten the dark scene.

I can’t do several things in the now
That I used to in my previous time
The things that were already defined
The need to shout & cry
When things look different on my site
When obstructions are difficult to line
Wish to work, that I can’t deny
When my hand won’t work even though I try
When I feel helpless but I still keep going on & fight
I need to now quantify
To clearly justify
Then to nullify
The new awakening to simply redefine
To purely redesign
To mentally & spiritually refine
To simply search & find
To restitute my peace of mind
The obscure is the new defined
With this crazy mind
That speaks when I sleep at night
To walk me through my inside
To enlighten & give me the insight
To simply simplify
And then to synthesize
To make things synchronize
With this body & my mind
The formless form makes me to fly
To form the fireflies
That light the darker skies
That make my vision of a different kind
That’s so clear with infinite sight
Coz I won’t give up till I die
Sounds crazy but this is how I’m living my life

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Phase It

Phase it is a poem that was written when I got back home. I’m going through difficult times. I’m going back in time, where I had my own space at the hospital; where I was getting all the help. I’ve been snapping on my wife & kids and having constant mood shifts, where everything is simply wrong in my head. It’s equally difficult for them to have me back home. Every step used to be so 3 dimensional when I wanted to walk down the stairs as my mind was playing the trip & then I would simply loose the balance. I’m finding great difficulty in adjusting with family as I’m not alone anymore. I feel like going back to hospital to isolate.

So listen to me
I can see myself in me
That big spot in my brain I see
My body is cut into two with that seam
It’s just not the bleeding I feel
It seems as if my body & mind have been
Big scars that are ready to peel
My inner self will one day going to heal

But this all isn’t come for free
It’s not been easy for fear & pain to relieve
To inject hope & will power to believe
To simply change the scenery of this scene
This is what I truly & deeply mean
The pictures in my head & heart that need to be seen
Are not perfect but they are very real & clean

The therapists have helped me to refill & relive
The shaky stairs when I looked down made my mind play tricks
The balance I lost when I walked or stood still
The white angel once entered to rescue me from those two evils
The sleepless nights & body pain that made me so ill

Now I’m back home after over 5 weeks of rehab
I’m glad to be with family but I still miss the time at rehab
It sounds somewhat selfish but it’s true, I don’t wish to hide that
Slow & steady is the trick, I’m taking the baby steps
Hoping one day body & mind would synchronize their sensational act
I would very much like to feel & see that
Rehab phase 2 is about to begin & I’m ready to beast that
Peace of mind & peaceful heart is what I need to reach there

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