Projected Reflection

The most beautiful things happen
When the heart is fully open
Even in shocks & painful reality
We can find the deeper ocean
Everything has its own value
There’s no need to judge & measure
The free flow of pure energy
With that magical connection
Transforming the blurry vision
Through the spectacles so spiritual
The echo of the naked heartbeat
Is the melodious percussion
Every step on this journey
Is the sacred destination
Every word on this transparency
Is my very own projected reflection

The image version

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Two men were talking outside
They weren’t agreeing on something, it’s obvious
It then turned into an open & heated quarrel
This picture changed its course right away
One of the men lost it coz he was unwired
His uneasy mind suddenly began to short circuit
The feeling to kill other guy, to make him forever quiet
He took his gun out & pointed it at this guy’s body

Pap Pap
Painful cry
And then
Pure silence
Gunshots were fired
Blood all over the place & now that man was quietly lying
He got shot on the street in broad daylight

Hang on with me to see another scene, I’m not just rhyming
A young kid got his eye on this piece of iron
His eyes were fixed on his automatic rifle
He’s not happy, so he was simply smiling
Deep down he’s actually something planning
He was visualizing the scene in his twisted mind
He looked at the firearms last time & he switched off the light
Next day was the very day he was gonna use the deadly toys
He checked everything meticulously in the morning
He drove to this school in his car filled with firearms
His eyes were dead, he was filled with pure violence
He got off the car loaded with bullets & rifle
He was walking in the hallway like the storm so soundless

Was the sound echoing in the sky
Several kids were wounded in the school this time
Some of them were already dead & some were slowly dying
The horrific bloody scene was so alive
They were hiding & crying
At some point 911 was dialled
They said cops were on their way, they were soon arriving
The skies were then roaring with so many sirens
Police & ambulances were coordinating & tactically lining
The killer was still spraying bullets like water droplets
Maximum destruction in his head, he kept firing
Innocent kids covered in blood, they kept dying

Such horrendous incidents every other day has become so common
Pap Pap, Rat-Tat-Tat, Bang-Bang are the sounds so common
Killings due to disagreements, racism, mental instability & more are so common
Gun violence in the name of self protection is so common
This abnormal behaviour has become so bloody common
Every other person owns the gun is so very common
Government condenm such incidents & then move on is so very common
Empty talks but no action is the scene so very common

The superpower on the surface of this world but truly powerless at the bottom
Not providing a decent life to the citizens ain’t no superpower
Trillions of dollars on warfare but poor for own people is the problem
Not looking at the root cause to see why this all is happening is the problem
Walking blindly on the river of blood & tears is the huge problem
Accepting this so very common phenomenon is the very problem
40 k per year on an average dying alone in USA due to crazy gun violence
When is it ever gonna end, why are people so helpless & blinded?
Open your eyes to bring that change, you’ve got the power

Every single life matters!

There are n number of different scenarios…I’m highlighting only 2 of them…this poem is purely my view…there’s no political agenda…all I’m saying is that this gun violence needs to end…love is all we are & we have…

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This Region

I know my brain ain’t no xeon
And perhaps it’s not rendering every bit spot on
But it processes the complex with pure intuition
And my eyes glow as the intense UV neon
They read the hidden with clear vision

The rocks in glass with the golden key on
Unlocking the transparent to create the free zone
The black & white are my preferred crayons
Rubbing them on this paper sheet with me down
Breathing rhymes of my life with beats on

There’s this sacred place, there’s this region
It’s the open space in every single season
It’s inner peace that brings me close to the horizon
There’s simply no chase coz it’s truly spiritual
Connecting to my piece where love is the sole ritual

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The Link

I’m sliding on this lane
Where craze is the game
This smoke in the air
Where clouds are so grey
They fly as if they race
While they hide the light rays

These drops aren’t just rain
They hit my ground with pain
The impulse to the brain
It’s crossed as in dead
The blood in the veins
The flow is to drain

I’m holding this lens
To eye the intense
But it don’t make any sense
Coz the view is in flames
It’s burning the dream
So I cry & then scream

I’m hooked to this scene
But heart isn’t some bait
I’m just lost in the breaks
So I dive in the deep
To rest & then sleep
But I can’t simply breathe

The art is to bridge
The shocks & the waves
The thread is so thin
But it’s strong as a chain
The link is the change
Where to die is to live

This picture in the frame
Where sky is so pink
As the space is so red
And love is so green
The core guides the rays
To find the lost peace

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Photo taken by myself.


The body is running at full speed with no brakes
The mind is bleeding the red sea in heavy rains
The eyes are torching the tight cage in pure flames

The time machine can’t restore the lost things in real sense
And there’s no need to preset the defence to face the present
So the system is defragementing the free space with no gates

The lesion isn’t necessarily a damage if seen as a treasured lesson
The dead veins could be the lost key of sanity in this locked scene
The fingers are holding the keepsake delicately with numb grip

The divine grace is embracing the deep pain lovingly in true space
The inner shine is fusing the open scars mindfully in pure faith
The magical energy is dissolving the solid shield to the formless state

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Photo taken by myself. 

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Lightning Rhymes Review by Sinead McGuigan

I’m delighted, honoured & deeply touched by reading this heartfelt review by Sinead McGuigan (Instagram handle: @sineadmcgpoetry) of my debut book – Lightning Rhymes…My gratitude to Sinead for reading my book & writing this amazing review on Amazon…No words can describe this feeling…

I shared last time how & when I started writing poems…before that, I had never written a single line…but I do remember clearly that I would simply “sing” to myself on my way home from the train station…that 10 minutes walk…yeah, I sound best if you put noise cancellation hearing protection on 😉…I was like…”nah, it’s not me”…what I’m actually saying is that I did sense something but that’s about it…but that changed in late 2017…a state of self-realization…I felt this crazy need to write those words down…I’m sharing my very first poem below…I was like “what’s happening to me…in me”…I started writing whenever I would sense words in me…I was admitted to the hospital on 7th Nov 2019…the day I was hit by brain hemorrhage…writing poetry was all I did besides the regular therapies & a bit of chit chatting…poetry helped me…it’s therapeutic in the sense that I could express what I was going through…I even shared my poem with the nurses & therapists 😊😂…I couldn’t have made it this far without them, the municipality, my friends, colleagues, blogger friends & my own will to live…and most importantly, without the beautiful support & love from my family…7th Nov 2021 was my conscious choice to publish my debut book…coz it’s the date of my rebirth…

I’m truly grateful to each & every one of you…for your wonderful support…this book was my dream & it would’ve remained that way if you were not there to show your love…I would only humbly ask you to buy my book if you connect with my lines…if you wish to read my rhymes…Lightning Rhymes…

To order my debut book, please click here. It’ll take you to the “” link. My gratitude ✨🙏 ❤️

Wishing You A Very Happy New Year…that’s filled with joy, peace & light…Thank you for your time to read this sharing of mine ✨💛💫

I’ll be sharing another heartfelt review within a week.

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Lightning Rhymes Review by Michelle Navajas

I’m honoured, humbled & delighted to share this wonderful review by Michelle Navajas of my debut book – Lightning Rhymes…Thank you very much for reading my book & writing this review on Goodreads…It’s an amazing feeling to know that my book is well received.

You can find Michelle on: WordPress & Instagram

I won’t ask you to show some love by simply buying my book…coz you’ve already been showing so much love towards my poetry…towards me…I had never dreamt that you – my readers would connect with my poetry…I started writing my lines just for myself back in late 2017…an outlet I found when something clicked in me…when I finally saw a glimpse of myself…my journey of writing poetry started from that point of time…words can’t express how grateful I am to each & every one of you for your wonderful support…I would only humbly ask you to buy my book if you connect with my lines…if you wish to read my rhymes…Lightning Rhymes…

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I’ll be sharing another heartfelt review within a week.

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My Poetry (reblogged – an updated version)

If the things were only up to me
And my vault were stashed with greenery
I would exit the world of perfect geometry
To enter the universe with heart fueled poetry

I’m in love with scribbling the meaningful schemes
It’s my way of expressing how I truly feel
The lyrics synchronize with frequency of my heartbeat
The percussion & vibration of the immaculate beast

Now let me stitch the pieces a bit differently
Just stay for a while, hear another thing from me
I share my stories with the same original intensity
You see, this is my healing process & my own therapy

I know it’s kinda provocative the way I project my themes
It doesn’t matter what you think of it & what you think of me
It’s not gloomy to throw light on the darker scenes
You see, the darkness is so light can be

My rhymes are self-realization & experiences with deeper meaning
It’s my way to explore the burning fire & the formless being
This is how I see the things now & this all was meant to be
My poetry is the flow in me & it’s the soul I simply set free

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Reblogging – When you look into me

You looked at me
With those intense eyes
You smiled at me
With those beautiful lips
You cried with me
With tears in your eyes
You held me tight
With those earthly arms
You gave me space
With that loving heart
You were there for me
With those meaningful words
The impression of you
Is permanent in me

The energy from the moment
Has struck me deep
The sole purpose of you
Was to look deeper into me
Where Pain & Agony
Were the different forms of Love
Where Spirituality was the only Reality
Where there was space for Anxiety
Where things were as they are
Where Manipulation was very far
I am no one
But the reflection of you
I see myself in you
When you look into me

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Spoken Word – Smoking Sacred & My Confession

I wrote Smoking Sacred in January 2021…at that time I published it with Spoken Word…but I had to take it down within 30 minutes due to an issue (non-technical)…A couple of readers even commented on my Spoken Word…but I had to delete that part…I didn’t like doing so…coz remaining true to myself & to my readers is absolutely important…I had never done such thing before…and I don’t intend to do it again…ever…please accept my apologies…authenticity & honesty is what I flow…this is who I am…I won’t be changing that part of me for no one…take it or leave it…therefore, I’m publishing the Spoken Word now…please note, I’m not doing so for the sake of likes or positive or uplifting comment(s)…I’m doing it to make it right…the way it was supposed to be…right from the very beginning…thank you very much

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