When I close my Eyes

It’s not easy to let go of the patterns. It feels as is heart is bleeding as in I feel scared, where I have this crazy desire to scream. But things become clearer in darkness, where the mind is not talking – just the dark screen of having no thoughts is so beautiful.

Closing my eyes

To sense the darkness

Projections from the heart

So clear and bright

Melting me down

I slowly disappear

The moment of lessness

Most beautiful craziness

Stumbling on my way

In search of no-thing

Keep falling apart

Loosing my breath

The old wish to die

I keep holding it tight

My heart is bleeding

Screaming to let it go

Patterns are not me

I keep telling myself

It’s time to die

To live from the deep

The imprint of that life

I see it clear

When I close my eyes

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