Craving Longing Loneliness

A poem – Loneliness

It’s late at night as usual & my mind is on wandering spree
I’m very sleepy at present but sleeping is not my first priority
Spears are slowly piercing in my head, they’re paining me constantly
I’m hearing a loud knock on my door, oh it’s my spiraling anxiety

My loneliness is about to lit the dark side coz my screen is burning the molten beads
I’m scared of closing lids of my big eyes coz my craving is flowing like bloodstream
I’m holding the edge of my bed coz I don’t want to let loose & scream
So I stare in darkness with my scarred phase when I sense the river of my salty tears

I can’t take it, I’m breaking
I can’t brake it, I’m shaking
I can’t make it, I’m falling
I’m loosing my senses & it’s driving me crazy

I’m sinking in deep hole as if I’m slowly dying
So I start to talk things out as if I’m freestyling
And I jot my feeling down to create another rhyme
But deep down I long for a pure touch, my heart is simply crying

—– A poem – Loneliness —–

A poem – Loneliness is about my longing & craving, that I’ve been experiencing since quite a long time. It has come to this point where I become anxious & restless quite often, which lead to sleepless nights. I would rather walk on my trip-track than to zigzag. The fact is, it’s not a defect to feel this way. So here I am to reflect instead of choosing to deflect.

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51 thoughts on “A poem – Loneliness

  1. Wow Navin, this is amazing❤️ Very beautifully written and expressed. Another heartfelt, honest and emotional piece. Being lonely is a hard place to be, sorry you are feeling this way. You have displayed your feelings perfectly though with each line.

    “when I sense the river of my salty tears
    I can’t take it, I’m breaking
    I can’t brake it, I’m shaking
    I can’t make it, I’m falling”

    Wow, love these lines the most, wonderfully and painfully written ❤️

    1. Thank you dear for your heartfelt words….and thank you very much for your support….it means a lot to me….you’re a kind soul….this is how I’ve been feeling since long time….much love ❤️

  2. My dearest Navin, it is so much pain in your words and so powerfully expressed. You are so talented. You have so many things to be proud of. Please try.
    Sending you love and plenty of hugs.

    1. Thanks dear G….I simply express how I feel…no sugar coating….just my real feelings….that I’ve been dealing with….thank you for your words of appreciation….sending you love & hugs ✨🙏

  3. Again, you describe with such intensity and brutal truth, this pain is so familiar to me and I really empathize. You always write with the most fitting and truthful words. Just wash away these long nights with words from within… Great penning <3

    1. I’m “glad” that you could feel my words….thank you very much, Vall….I’ll try your advice….thank you for your support 🙏❤️

  4. Dearest Navin,
    your words strike cords in those once remembered and lived and I applaud your honest sharing of the depths of your soul. It’s powerful that you write these words now because when you move to another place, you will never be able to access them in quite the same way and the richness would not come through. Oh those dark sleepless nights can be hard. Trusting better days are ahead and sending you love and a hug.
    ❤️🤗🙏 Cindy

  5. This is painful Navin, am saddened that you feel this way. But I am also glad that you choose not to stay mute rather you described it in a very beautiful way.

    Sometimes writing our hearts is the only solution. Stay strong, you are so loved! 🤗❤️

  6. This is so profound and poignant, Navin! Raw emotions touching depths of the soul. I’m sorry you feel this way. Remember, we’re all here for you! I hope penning down your feelings makes you feel better.
    Keep up the excellent writing 💫

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