A poem – Reload

The restlessness in me at this moment is dancing
Just like the flame of a candle when you light it
Where panic seems a beautiful lover of anxiety
My phase is pure darkness & it’s making this scene so freakin’ exciting

Sidelining my eyes from the memories when you said I was lying
And then you started questioning my integrity while you were crying
But your narrow barrel of paranoia was shooting bullets at me, they were flying
While I kept myself unshielded with honesty & was loving you, I was still trying

If I’m sitting today in silence & my eyes are wet by crying
It doesn’t mean I’m feeling weak & simply hiding or R.I.P., like dying
Coz the thoughts in my head are bleeding river while I’m freestyling
And honestly, they seem to be quite shaken in color red & a bit violent

So I decide to reload my beast mode to free flow my sleek sword
To meet you through your meatloaf & see through your lean throat
And to reach you & your sweet soul and lift you with a steep slope
To beat things to seek core & walk away in peace while I scream hope

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Reblogging – The demons in me

The demons in me
are screaming and dancing
making me restless;

The demons in me
are whispering and laughing
making me nervous;

The demons in me
are twisting and turning
not letting me breathe;

The demons in me
are nesting inside me
trying to break me in pieces;

The demons in me
are a part of me now
So I let them stay
without giving attention;

The demons in me
are simply reflections
my own interpretations;

The demons in me
are Control, Ego and Painbody
Nobody but me can set them free;

The demons in me
wish to open my Heart
So I can let my Self leave
and be the Very Being.

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A poem – Shattered

I’m unlocking my phone & checking my post every second minute
But no new mails anymore, there are only empty spaces
I’m feeling cold & my core is burning in agony beyond any limits

It’s still difficult to believe, how the things have ended in a split second
Energies were glowing like the beautiful stars, everything was smoking sacred
But memories are all that’s left behind, the feeling of being one is burning ashes

My eyes are fixed on a mirror, they look pretty dead & quite rigid
I’m seeing reflections of crystal green but that mirror is now cracking
I’m touching the cracks on its surface but it’s me that’s purely shattered into pieces

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A poem – Cry

It’s been raining heavily every single day & night
I’m breathing ashes, the air is exploding flaming dynamite
The universe seems pitch dark, there’s no sign of intense light
I’m drowning in deep sorrow, pain is what I feel & write

I’m sitting still in shock, surrounded by speechless noise
My body is covered in layers but my state is frozen to cubicle ice
My heart is beating with crazy screams of my saddened voice
I don’t know what else to do when all I do is to simply cry

My big brown eyes were once shining with beautiful green crystals so divine
Now they’re soaked in sparkling tears, red eyes are all left behind
I dreamt, I could fly high with my broken wings in beautiful blue skies
But my feet are sinking slowly on heavy ground every moment that passes by

I’m trying hard to accept & breathe without the painful sighs of life
The knife is stuck in the I & it won’t let me live, it won’t let me die
So I close my eyes to sense the deep emotions that are suffocating my mind
But then I cry even more coz it feels as if I’m witnessing my own demise

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A poem – Loneliness

It’s late at night as usual & my mind is on wandering spree
I’m very sleepy at present but sleeping is not my first priority
Spears are slowly piercing in my head, they’re paining me constantly
I’m hearing a loud knock on my door, oh it’s my spiraling anxiety

My loneliness is about to lit the dark side coz my screen is burning the molten beads
I’m scared of closing lids of my big eyes coz my craving is flowing like bloodstream
I’m holding the edge of my bed coz I don’t want to let loose & scream
So I stare in darkness with my scarred phase when I sense the river of my salty tears

I can’t take it, I’m breaking
I can’t brake it, I’m shaking
I can’t make it, I’m falling
I’m loosing my senses & it’s driving me crazy

I’m sinking in deep hole as if I’m slowly dying
So I start to talk things out as if I’m freestyling
And I jot my feeling down to create another rhyme
But deep down I long for a pure touch, my heart is simply crying

—– A poem – Loneliness —–

A poem – Loneliness is about my longing & craving, that I’ve been experiencing since quite a long time. It has come to this point where I become anxious & restless quite often, which lead to sleepless nights. I would rather walk on my trip-track than to zigzag. The fact is, it’s not a defect to feel this way. So here I am to reflect instead of choosing to deflect.

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A Poem – Images

I am a ticking bomb but I don’t want to really snap
This ground is shaking, it’s just me not the quake
I look like a solid rock but I’m crashing down to simply crack

The countless spots in my scan, are like bullets fired at close range
This image is burned into my head, where I’m shooting with my rage
I’m trying to find my peace but it’s hiding behind those layers

When I stare at my ribcage, I see a broken heart & a broken face
If only I could cut open my chest to let loose my inner pain
I’m screaming loud in closed space so my heart can finally escape

I see this picture up in my head where I’m lying down on my bed
Publishing my last lines on wordpress & texting goodbye to my friends
Talking one last time to my family while my soul is about to ascend in air

I’m not afraid of death & honestly, I haven’t given up on my myself
I’m just enraged coz I can’t always fix the pieces of my broken frame
So I get engaged with my demons to char them into burning flames

I’m losing balance on my tricky track, so I pause to take a deep breath
To simply sense my manic phase, it feels as if I’m breaking into flakes
One day the fire will penetrate & change everything into smoke & ash

—– A poem – Images —–

A poem – Images is about how I feel from time to time. I’m impatient coz it’s not easy to deal with my condition & sometimes, I fall in the deep hole, where I’m picturing my own death. It doesn’t mean I look negative at my situation & my life. I accept these moments as they too are equally important & there’s place to feel them in my system. Life isn’t just positivity, happiness & sunshine 24/7. There’s also space for anxiety, sadness, pain & darkness and some other shades. I don’t believe in hiding & I’m not ashamed how I feel. Light or dark, sunshine or rain, clear or cloudy sky have their meaning & importance.

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Poetry – Sharpening my Edges

Turning up the volume while I dance carelessly just like the tipsy being to caress the restless eternity

Shaking my wavy long hair just like the silverbeast I breathe to free the freak in me

Twisting my body just like the scaly serpentine to sway swiftly in this slippery scene 

Sensing the delusional beliefs just like the demons I breed inside of me to burn my inner skin

Fighting relentlessly just like the fluctuating flame that lit my dark nights with shadows of anxiety

Cutting the silence with the violence of my violet violin that’s snapping the tightened strings

Ripping the dead layers of my poisoned cells to fill the dark spaces with light full of raw intensity

Carving my rough face with my senseless fingers to project the formless edges of my blinded insanity

Filling my fountain pen with thick red to sketch my mountain of rocky emotions to draw sensitivity

Sharpening my edges on rough surface dipped in salty water to tear the fear through the visuals of my poetry

—– Sharpening my Edges —–

It is a soul-searching poem that portrays how it is to be myself & how I see the things. From black & white to colors and from one dimensional to multi-dimensional. Sometimes a real free flow dance or a mental one by visualizing my lines in the form of poetry can set me free. It’s like being tipsy / high with the raw energy. I’m simply cutting myself into pieces to find inner peace, by rebuilding me.

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A poem – You and I

I’m flying high in the clear blue sky
My eyes are fixed on you with pure desire
Your sensual curvy form is making me to sigh
You look burning hot with your intense fire

The beauty in the beautiful you, it’s pure divine
The beating of your beautiful heart, your love is making me to dive-in
The fragrant beautiful essence you contain, I’m deeply in trance
The beautiful silhouette of you on my surface, I’m simply entrapped

You’re the magical scenery, I’m the dark shade on your canvas
You’re the infinite space, I’m the black spot in your universe
You’re the vast ocean, I’m the sharp edge in your deepness
You’re looking in the mirror, I’m the tear sitting on your eyelid

—– You and I —–

You and I is a poem about different types of contrast in life, like how darkness is important to be the light, why pain is related to love and how each human has two different sides. Sometimes patterns can take over and can change the picture instantly from heart (being) connection to body controlled by the mind (self).

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A Poem about…Burning the Self

Burning the Self is a poem, through which I’m trying to set me free. Poetry helps me in resetting the eye of an I, which is often covered with pain body of different emotions.

Let me free me from my see-through & tight hold of the reins
The shining pearls I’m dripping in this beautiful & heavy rain
The clouds are dark & heavy, they are veiling my layers of pain

Crazy lines I’m scripting through the multiple black spots in my damaged brain
It’s not in vain when I say my phase is the one controlling my haunted scene
It’s like the red tint is tainted when it flows out from the inside of my stressed out veins

The way my top frame is screaming out in top form the rising rage
I go crazy when my brain blows out in pieces to ride the insanely strong waves
My mind is sometimes constrained in square shapes, I’m not able to losen my grip

Sharp thorns I’m shedding by burning the outer surface of my thick skin
Deep dents I’m hammering out of the deformed shape of my swirling face
It’s my Being standing out peacefully behind the ashes of my burning Self

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Pills, Pieces & Peace

Taking the strong epilepsy pills twice a day since I’ve got the cramps
Every night painkiller & anti histamin join this insane party of flashy pills
Feeling doped but I still can’t sleep or get rid of the body pain
Hoping this all will soon end coz I don’t want to be pills’ dependent

Pills are keeping a few things away from me
But they’re also poisoning me slowly
So many chemicals in my body flowing, pure impurity
Don’t have enough energy to handle them & still remain me

The feeling of moving 2 steps forward & 1 backward
It’s not that things aren’t moving on the right path
But it doesn’t mean I feel normal as I used to be
Perhaps that’s the meaning to redefine & redesign me

Sometimes it’s irritating when I can’t hold the things with my left hand as I used to be
Every other day I’m breaking something into pieces, that brings the frustration into me
But I’m not giving up & I won’t coz keep failing is the way of learning
Mesmerized at the same time how brain has affected me physically & mentally

The feeling of handicap comes & goes when I can’t do the things I used to
Struggling to do the small things that used to be so normal back then to me
Where I never had to think of “how to” or “now let me see”
I must drop the phrase “that I used to be” coz I need to rewire to reach where I used to be

At times I feel the heavy burden on the whole family
Just want to break down this wall with my left fist & want to scream
Until every single brick gets crushed or falls apart
Where I retain my balance without my brain makes me feel dizzy

Don’t tell me it’s very normal
Don’t tell me this is how it is
Don’t tell me it’s a part of the process
Don’t tell me I’m not getting crazy

No, I’m not writing so you feel bad about me
No, sympathy is the last thing I need
Perhaps this is the reminder to be thankful for every single thing
It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small or very simple thing

I’m calm & determined but restless & annoyed at the same time
Complex but that’s what’s going on
Still learning to accept my situation
Where the key is patience & inner peace
They can’t be found anywhere but in the burning core of this human being

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