A poem – Loneliness

It’s late at night as usual & my mind is on wandering spree
I’m very sleepy at present but sleeping is not my first priority
Spears are slowly piercing in my head, they’re paining me constantly
I’m hearing a loud knock on my door, oh it’s my spiraling anxiety

My loneliness is about to lit the dark side coz my screen is burning the molten beads
I’m scared of closing lids of my big eyes coz my craving is flowing like bloodstream
I’m holding the edge of my bed coz I don’t want to let loose & scream
So I stare in darkness with my scarred phase when I sense the river of my salty tears

I can’t take it, I’m breaking
I can’t brake it, I’m shaking
I can’t make it, I’m falling
I’m loosing my senses & it’s driving me crazy

I’m sinking in deep hole as if I’m slowly dying
So I start to talk things out as if I’m freestyling
And I jot my feeling down to create another rhyme
But deep down I long for a pure touch, my heart is simply crying

—– A poem – Loneliness —–

A poem – Loneliness is about my longing & craving, that I’ve been experiencing since quite a long time. It has come to this point where I become anxious & restless quite often, which lead to sleepless nights. I would rather walk on my trip-track than to zigzag. The fact is, it’s not a defect to feel this way. So here I am to reflect instead of choosing to deflect.

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A poem – Smoking Soul

I can hear the silence
Silence is violent
Violence is fighting
This fight is painful
Pain is so hungry
Hunger is craving
This craving is crazy
Crazy are emotions
Emotion is a feeling
Feeling is deluded
Delusions are exploding
Explosions are hurting
Hurt is not worthy
Worth is so dirty
Dirt is though earthly
Earth is the grounding
Grounded in deep gravity
Gravity is levitating
Levitate the outer space
Space is full of circles
Circle of tiny dots
Dots are the elements
Elements are flowing
The flow of pure smoke
Smoke is formless
Forming the eternal soul
Soul is the purest beat
Beating of heart
Heart is breathing
Breath of inner peace
Peace is to love
Loving to live
Living to keep dying
Dying to relive from the deep

—– Smoking Soul —–

Smoking Soul is a poem about how I sometimes can hear the silence. Sometimes silence is violent, which triggers the chain reaction of emotions & observations. How it takes me to different phases and how it guides me to reconnect to the pure energy in the end – the beautiful / smoking soul. I am sure, it is not just relevant to me but to many others.

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Lightning Rhymes

Living in thoughts could be comfortable
Embracing the present seems unacceptable
Reality can be so unbelievable
Painbody is snapping me to unusual
Loving edges of perfect imperfections
Healing the soul is sole intention

Deep scars on my brutal blood surface
Arrows piercing in my broken top shelf
Bleeding river from my sensitive vessels
Crying ocean when I’m feeling restless
Feeling crazy when I skip the deep breaths
Unleashing devil when I’m manic anxious

Extinguishing sparks to calm the burning ashes
Expressing emotions to hit the freaking reset
Grinding patterns to feel the pure sand
Writing lines with my wondered senses
Lightning rhymes with my thunder pencil
Riding waves in search of peace & balance

—– Lightning Rhymes —–

Lightning Rhymes is a poem about the struggle to free myself from the sticky web of patterns & emotions. Sometimes I succeed & sometimes, I simply don’t. I’m learning every single moment to “deal” with me in order to find the inner peace. When the snapping snaps; when I loose my balance (psychological as well as physical), the whole ground shakes. It’s just not myself, who get affected.

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Problems with navinspoems were constantly running in my mind
I was facing several issues for several weeks with my site
Whenever I was publishing fresh ryhmes, I couldn’t catch your sharp sight
Migrated away for supposedly something better with my closed eyes
Almost none could reach me as if I were hiding at greater heights
Restlessness & anxiety gave me company during the sleepless nights
I was stuck in a deep hole as if I couldn’t move & fly
So now I’ve killed navinspoems without committing any crime
To give birth to navinspoetry, it’s my brand new sign
What’s the point of light & darkness if I can’t show my phases of different kinds
I hope you’ll keep supporting my poetry with your presence & radiant shine

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A Poem: The Beautiful Souls & A Crazy Mind

The level of stress is too high
It doesn’t take a lot before everyone gets emotional & then the cry

This all started from the time back then
When I got hit by the bleeding in my damn brain

I see it every day how they react & act
It doesn’t take a whole lot to see them & myself crumble like a house of domino set

A small discomfort in him & he looses his cool
The whole house upside down the next moment coz he feels the world has turned against him & is so cruel

Now this other one is very sensitive & stressed out in his own way
He cries quite often these days & he keeps opposing me whatever I do or say

She’s trying her best to take the burden on her shoulders
But the threshold is crazy high, so she starts slowly to smoulder

She’s the other pillar of this beautiful home
She needs me coz it’s almost impossible to bear everything on her own

I’m going through a lot with my things as well
The feeling to isolate myself to find peace in that deep well

It’s not that I play insensitive or blind
I do sense things but I’m going kinda crazy in my own weird mind

I know if I fall apart once again
This sacred house will shatter into pieces, end of the game

So I try to calm my crazy mind & frozen nerves
It’s not easy though, I know how it is when body starts to burn

But no matter what, I give my words, I won’t give up
They’ve gone through a lot, it’s time to hit the switch, to brighten up

They need space, kisses & hugs from time to time
I’m here for them, it’s the end of this soulful ryhme

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