cRap (edited version)

You know I can’t rap
But I want to make a wordwrap
And add a pinch of cRap
So it’d look kinda eWhack
Do you get what you’re about to snack?
No, I ain’t smoking no crack

I know this all sounds so bad
You’re thinking wtf I am at
Isn’t today’s rap sound something like that?
There’re only 5 lines that you can count on one hand
Playing those lines with auto-tuned voice is the new trend
And then they focus on the flashy video to simply distract
But it’s all just in their head if they think they got the swag

I’m just sitting on my couch & thinking about
Where’s the depth & why am I listening to this sound?
They’re missing the lyrics, the rhyming, the hook & the fluid flow
I hear no bars & there aren’t no signs of sharp claws
You see I don’t need to hit pause on their slow moving train
Rewind & then playback, to catch what they just said
They’re just mumbling, I don’t get why they say they can rap
Pure hip-hop is real-raw, it has nothing to do with mumble-noise

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4 thoughts on “cRap (edited version)

  1. I admire how you can set out and tackle any thought and any whim. I have always loved your type of Navin-Rap, your own style, because it always rings true at the end of your lines…and you always say something…that for me, is worth listening to:) Not like others who do it their way.. and well..I usually am not impressed. This poem gives lots to chew on:)

    1. Wow, you make me speechless with such praise…that’s kind of you & I feel honoured…thank you so very much for your heartfelt words, Karima…you’re a blessing 💫

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