The Artist & The Art

I’m here to appreciate the artist & the art
To honour the talent & to honour the spark
The joy, the pain & those precious wisdom drops
The words, the voice, the choice, the colours & other forms
The expressions, the imagery, the music & the dance
A blessing to connect with the beings in the skyline path

I’m here to share my poetry I chisel & carve
Experience, realization or just a simple thought
The deep ocean & the wildfire in the chambers of my eyes
The unknown, the known, the light & the dark
The memories, the moments, the wounds & the scars
Poem is me, I’ll express it till the day I’m gone

Living one moment, even or evenly odd
The graphical representation of my BMS chart
Body, Mind & Soul balance subpar or at par
Algorithm that I follow with the senses so raw
All good rhythm if we listen mindfully from the heart
Wishes & love from me to you all ✨❤️💫

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cRap (edited version)

You know I can’t rap
But I want to make a wordwrap
And add a pinch of cRap
So it’d look kinda eWhack
Do you get what you’re about to snack?
No, I ain’t smoking no crack

I know this all sounds so bad
You’re thinking wtf I am at
Isn’t today’s rap sound something like that?
There’re only 5 lines that you can count on one hand
Playing those lines with auto-tuned voice is the new trend
And then they focus on the flashy video to simply distract
But it’s all just in their head if they think they got the swag

I’m just sitting on my couch & thinking about
Where’s the depth & why am I listening to this sound?
They’re missing the lyrics, the rhyming, the hook & the fluid flow
I hear no bars & there aren’t no signs of sharp claws
You see I don’t need to hit pause on their slow moving train
Rewind & then playback, to catch what they just said
They’re just mumbling, I don’t get why they say they can rap
Pure hip-hop is real-raw, it has nothing to do with mumble-noise

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The Lone Tree

My brain cells are circular stencils of different instances that keep swirling when I stand still

My pain cell that I’m caged in is appearing under the dark light on a rice sheet as I pencil

The visual of this projected engraving is caved in when I drone me to sea my senses

This heavy feeling is laminated under the thin film with cold heat of the sensitive relations

My blood streams very slowly when the noisy surroundings cross ways to wrong me

This reality is so astounding & extraordinary when I reel it on my mind screen

The balance is swinging on thin time string as my heart speaks with silent beats

My words leave the branches as the red leaves coz it’s the fall season of this lone tree

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Spoken Word – The Edge (republished)

I’m sharing my very first spoken word, that I posted on 10th December 2020 on my WordPress blog. I don’t know why I’m doing so all of a sudden but there could be several reasons – from reminiscence to reflection.

The Edge is a poem about my struggles during that time. On 7th November 2019 I was hit by brain hemorrhage on the right side. Over 1 year had passed by but it was definitely not easy for me to fully accept, understand & live with this new reality. The feeling of broken & repaired at the same time. It just didn’t affect me alone but my surroundings as well, including the family. I could see this struggle on my inner screen as flow of images. So I decided to write those images in the form of this freestyle poetry. These words became so intense, at least in my head, that I felt like recording it in my voice. I didn’t know how to create spoken word back then. I didn’t bother searching it either coz I wanted to create this spoken word immediately, with whatever technical knowledge / tools I had. So I recorded my voice on my phone, created a Powerpoint presentation on my laptop, played the voice recording on it, timed the PP slides to sync with my voice & capture this all as a video through a free screen recorder software. I’m presenting the same original spoken word to you all.

Please put sound on…

I sit sharp on the edge of my bench in the dark with a hatchet in my hand to break open my senses & to claim that my pain in the veins is not vain but insane

But I get so mad & a bit sad when I spread metal scraps on myself coz then I bleed the beads so discreet on my crease to decrease the misery

So I feel quite shaky as if my skin is so thin like a leaf & it starts to burn instantly to create the debris that comes out from the heat of the seed

I’m torn at my core that I feel this need to ease & burn my peace into pieces on the street that’s filled with so many deep & some holes unseen

So I scream in infinity with my fluctuating beat coz I can’t simply breathe & it seems I’m the beast hinged to the scene of the shattered dream

I relapse on my screen coz this all feel so diseased when I see this degree of release & then I step explicitly into the bed of fire to become the deceased

But then I focus on to drop my sores with the source of my scope in this hope that one day I’ll for sure end this whole to simply blow everything to the pure

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I published my book on 7th November 2021 – exactly 2 years after the bleeding. It’s my second birth or perhaps the first real one.

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Please put sound on…

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I’m standing infront of this mirror
Looking at my own reflection
Light & dark is the appearance
The outside is simply shivering
The sensation is sort of feverish
The inside is burning with lyrics

You see my mind is complex, pyramid
It’s kind of unique, mysterious
Some paths lead to crazy, delirious
A few takes to a dead spot, haemorrhage
There’s no escape from there, period
But the eye is dripping transparent, spirit

Perception & the ground has changed instantly
My I sees & observes microscopic mindfully
Jigsawing forms to create meaningful empty
Seesawing the thoughts to find the CoG
Connecting with the source to sea the deep
Stripes on my back coz I’m the still beast

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Original photo.

I Remain

Tonight I’m at this place
Where black is the shade
White is the sense
Space is the scene
Energy is intense
Everything is rain
Salt in the air
Burning this skin
Everything seems pain
But love is the taste
Memory is the lane
Silence is the music
Crystal on my lips
Whispering the name
Eyes are searching
Green in the sea
My state is in pieces
While I remain at peace

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The Words I Spill

The sign I sight seems like the cyanide of my sigh night with my dimmed & silent eyesight

I begin to sideline the landslide by sending the signals to my left side of my semi numb site

The rain eyes then start to paint the canvas bigger than the pain size to simply pen down the new rhymes as I freestyle

The words I spill in a deep pan to sauté the deep pain when I hammer the membrane to drain out the red diamonds from my dead veins to clot memory in this time frame when I mind game the clueless crossword mindfully that cross ways on my grounding like the crossed waves from different spots of my cloud brain

But then the divine decided to stand in my eyeline when I started to deice the deep voice week wise by this device that divides the deep lines when I recite & resize the precise to free size with the iris of my big eyes that’s lightening my steep choice by lightning from the deep sky to make space for this beautiful U & I of this UnIverse that’s nothing but the pure light

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Photo taken by myself. 

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My Serene Kingdom

Wilting under the tilted splinters
Blinking to see flickering clickers
Playing with my sneaky demons
Voicing my cadence with slippery fingers

Creating this path in deadly trackers
Breaking the norms in small fragments
Braking with claws on warm ashes
Picturing the forms with my naked senses

Scanning the heart in pure silence
Spiraling the sky with mindful timings
Spotting the clouds with sharp lightning
Sounding the dark with beautiful thundering

Shining in my eyes when I glimpse a mirror
Signing these lines to refine the present
Sighing this rhyme when I sea the wisdom
Resighting this site to build my serene kingdom

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Photo taken by myself.

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Naked & Rough Skin

Please don’t breathe on me with ease
Coz I’m gonna freeze your breeze with my heat

You seem to see me as if I’m a treat
But I’m here to trick your deeds with chills of my screams

You can’t hit me with crazy speed in this scene
I’m already bleeding ink while I stand here on my feet

Just don’t bleach me with your preaching
Coz then I’ll breach you with my beast & reel you for real

Can you see I’m tearing your sheets in pieces?
It’s to reveal the beautiful being on your fluid screen

Can you feel I’m breaking meaningless labels so weak?
It’s to fill the space with nothingness from the deep

Can you listen to the beats of this raw sea?
It’s just me burning freely my naked & rough skin

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