It’s Too Late

It’s about the thoughts that encircle me, which sometimes lead to difficulty in falling asleep. It’s a pure sharing, it’s not about suggesting what I must do to “fix” me.

My nights are always on the edge
It’s time for me to go to bed
But I would prefer to remain awake
Nights are haunting me, I’m a mess

I would rather listen to some nice music
Or jot down my own sick lyrics
Or read some blogs & write comments
Or read some mails & reply to them
Can you see where I’m going with all this?
Just read these lines if you wish to connect

I feel as if I’m sitting in my cave
Thoughts are crawling in me like those scary snakes
Spitting venom & biting my tasteless head
Dancing inside me with their hoods flare

I’m constantly doing this crazy check
Where I’m trying to balance my inner & outer self
But I can’t avoid those shocking waves
Where my crazy head starts to insanely shake
So I become anxious & a bit afraid
The restlessness makes me a bit desperate

I’m falling apart every night & day
Difficult to breathe, I simply can’t exhale
The emotions are running super fast, they are far ahead
I need help, is the voice I air

The desire to shout loud & then to scream
The desire to R.I.P. in this dark scene
The desire to feel my numb arm & face
Where I saw this phase with the blades of my phrase
Where I gather my pieces, to recreate my frame
I keep pressing my head from either ways

I feel helpless coz my longing curves to its extreme
The tears then start dripping down my left cheek
I need to rest my mind before it starts all over again
So I force myself to push the emergency brake

I put the earplugs on to listen to music
To hit the playlist, to find my tracks
To leave my thoughts aside, to make some empty space
I slowly drift away as that huge cloud with dark shade
I see the glimpse of stars & moon shining in this darkness
The healing begins & then I fall asleep

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23 thoughts on “It’s Too Late”

  1. πŸ•ŠπŸ™πŸΌπŸ€— it’s not always easy to hold control. Writing is a good pressure release valve, you used it well.

  2. Surreal trip down every line cast….Letting it flow to flood …expressing so much gushing all at once…Very Raw!! Beautiful..

  3. “Where I’m trying to balance my inner & outer self
    But I can’t avoid those shocking waves
    Where my crazy head starts to insanely shake”
    So relatable ❣️ Loved it πŸ’•

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