Kiss – a poem

I’m sitting on my bed
But I’m not here
I’m listening to the music
But there’s pure silence
My eyes are wide open
But they are dreaming
They are looking out the window
But I’m seeing through the senses
Evening blue sky is the scene
But it’s the stars that I’m gazing
They’re burning & blinking
But slow motion is the speed

A beautiful face appears on my screen
The big eyes are scintillating
The silky hair flowing freely
The spirit is conditioning the deep
The open heart is melting me
The soft lips are whispering
I’m listening to those beats
She’s standing so close to me
My hands are cupping her cheeks
While I’m kissing her beautiful lips
Everything disappears instantly
I’m loving this pure purple energy

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Photo taken by myself.

21 thoughts on “Kiss – a poem

  1. Your poetry lifts presence above this worldly layer of being – listening to pure silence, seeing through the senses, slow motion speed, and then pure purple energy – such brilliant word experiences you create. It is magical to bypass the solidity of this reality and simply feel the experience of being immersed in the spaces in between.

    1. I’m simply speechless after reading your heartfelt words…it’s the energy I connect with…you’ve just made my poem beautiful through your magical reflection…my gratitude to you, dear friend…your presence is very much appreciated ✨

  2. Dearest Navi, not sure how I missed this new beauty, but so happy to find it tonight. Love the whole scene you so vividly describe slowly revealing itself a bit more, in each cascading line.
    “The spirit is conditioning the deep
    The open heart is melting me”
    Wow you have been bewitched once more, a double whammy of spirit and heart.. that pulls you in and hypnotizes you with love and desire.. You are one of the few I read, that has the power to actually make me feel what you are feeling.. Just so sensual and urgent and yet full of deep longing.. Bravo Navin! Bravo!

    1. How wonderful…your words…yeah, this all hypnotize me with love…thank you so very much for your deep reflection…it’s an honour that you visit my blog and bless it with your meaningful words…this means a lot to me, Karima 🙏✨❤️💫

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