Kiss – a poem

I’m sitting on my bed
But I’m not here
I’m listening to the music
But there’s pure silence
My eyes are wide open
But they are dreaming
They are looking out the window
But I’m seeing through the senses
Evening blue sky is the scene
But it’s the stars that I’m gazing
They’re burning & blinking
But slow motion is the speed

A beautiful face appears on my screen
The big eyes are scintillating
The silky hair flowing freely
The spirit is conditioning the deep
The open heart is melting me
The soft lips are whispering
I’m listening to those beats
She’s standing so close to me
My hands are cupping her cheeks
While I’m kissing her beautiful lips
Everything disappears instantly
I’m loving this pure purple energy

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Photo taken by myself.

Lightning Rhymes Review 5

The Moment (a poem):

So here I am once again to share with you my joy
The moment I watched this reel, I was like “Oh my”
The moment I listened to this dreamy & peaceful voice
The moment I eyed these wonderfully written lines
It was a heart touching moment & truly a great surprise
My eyes then started to simply glow & drip the very shine
The moment of bliss where my heart did purely smile
You see, blessings come in several different forms & kinds
The free flow of energy in this magical deep blue sky
My gratitude to Nadia for reviewing Lightning Rhymes

This amazing reel is created by Nadia (@heartofnadia)
A brief introduction:

Nadia is a poet, a storyteller, a spoken word artist & a digital creator on Instagram…but most importantly, she’s a beautiful soul…check out @heartofnadia on Instagram…it’s just not her IG handle…her writings come directly from her heart…please do follow her page if you connect with her writings…

Here’s the full review:

I am delighted to share this incredible poetry book “Lightning Rhymes” by the very talented writer
Navin Manik

Reading through the pages I felt like I was being given a glimpse into the writer’s soul. Navin has a way of expressing his innermost feelings through his rhythmic poetry.

I have recited a small verse from the poem titled “Lightning Rhymes”.

Thank you Navin for sharing your talent with the world.

Check out his page @navinspoetry_

Support Indie and self published poets, writers, authors, artists in any and every way you can.

Life is dull without Art.

Much Love Always ❤️

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I’m grateful to each & every one of you…for your wonderful support…for your unconditional love towards my poetry…I would only humbly ask you to buy my book if you connect with my rhymes…Lightning Rhymes…

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Lightning Rhymes Review 4

I’m deeply touched, delighted & honoured by reading this wonderful review by Karima from Digital Rabbit Hole on my debut book – Lightning Rhymes…My utmost gratitude to Karima for reading my book & writing this amazing review on Amazon…I’m sharing it with you all…it’s my way of sharing the joy…You can also find Karima on YouTube

A screenshot of the review
Here’s the full review:

“Navin reveals himself to the reader, through at times, visceral, sensual, and enlightened verse. He’s a romantic, a self aware demon, a passionate poet, who lives his lines and takes you along with him. His rhyme scheme, rhythms and content, captivate the reader from the start.
I enjoyed the juxtaposition of his table of contents..The almost school-boy romantic in love with eyes, curves and depth..and then the man who struggles, against insomnia and his own nightmares that live inside…even in bright daylight.
The book is fascinating on all these levels and it’s honest, almost innocent at times and raw.

In Navin’s own words:
“My poetry is the flow in me & it’s
the soul I simply set free”

His flow is a raging river with quiet pools and always clear depths.
I recommend ” Lightning Rhymes” to anyone who gets excited about poetry. I promise you, this book will do that to you… and it will make you ponder.”

I’m truly grateful to each & every one of you…for your wonderful support…for your unconditional love towards my poetry..I would only humbly ask you to buy my book if you connect with my rhymes…Lightning Rhymes…

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A Human Being

So if I simply write this to you
Would you read it?
Would you get what I mean?
Eye me explicitly
Tear me tenderly
Drop me dramatically
Wet me whimsically

I’m dreaming in this dream
You are with me
Soulful touches
Body heat
Wet lips
Intense eyes
One heart

Yeah, it surely is a dream
Coz I can only see me in reality
Empty touches
Body scream
Dry lips
Soft eyes
Broken heart

Is love only related to a relation with another human?
Is love about feeling, touching & kissing?
Is love about missing, longing & meeting?
Is love about losing, sacrificing & winning?
Is love conditional, seasonal & situational?
Answers I already have coz I know its true meaning

But tonight I’m missing the heat
Tonight I don’t want to really see
My craving to kiss like crazy
And look in the beautiful eyes so deep
Touch the gentle skin tenderly
Forget the world & all those what ifs

But the emptiness in me
Is choking me very slowly
My throat is dry & heavy
My soul is grey & rainy
This moment my body is shivering
Coz I’m feeling once again very lonely

Vulnerability at its peak
Soon I won’t be able to speak
Caged in these feelings like a freak
Running around in circles to be free
Closing my eyes to find the inner peace
But eyes are constantly dripping beads

Yeah, it truly was just a dream
I’m sitting in my room not able to sleep
It’s time to listen to my favorite playlist
Before I sink into my loneliness a few more feet
I’m in tears but I just don’t want to scream
Weak & in pain I can be coz I too am a human being

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Photo taken by myself. 

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Lots of beautiful posts & comments are flowing on my screen
But unfortunately, I ain’t able to read those lovely writings
Coz I’ve been absent from WP & IG for almost a week
It’s just this little thing with me that I feel kinda weak
Cough, cold & fever are knocking my surface constantly
So taking rest most of the time is my current priority
I’ll be back but just know there’s always a constant flow of energy between you & me

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Photo taken by myself. 

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My Poetry (reblogged – an updated version)

If the things were only up to me
And my vault were stashed with greenery
I would exit the world of perfect geometry
To enter the universe with heart fueled poetry

I’m in love with scribbling the meaningful schemes
It’s my way of expressing how I truly feel
The lyrics synchronize with frequency of my heartbeat
The percussion & vibration of the immaculate beast

Now let me stitch the pieces a bit differently
Just stay for a while, hear another thing from me
I share my stories with the same original intensity
You see, this is my healing process & my own therapy

I know it’s kinda provocative the way I project my themes
It doesn’t matter what you think of it & what you think of me
It’s not gloomy to throw light on the darker scenes
You see, the darkness is so light can be

My rhymes are self-realization & experiences with deeper meaning
It’s my way to explore the burning fire & the formless being
This is how I see the things now & this all was meant to be
My poetry is the flow in me & it’s the soul I simply set free

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Lightning Rhymes – The Photos with The Intro Poem

It’s amazing to hold my book in my hands…I then downloaded the digital edition on my phone…just to see how it looks like & how it feels…a feeling that’s almost impossible to express but can only be felt…I was like, “how great is that, my book is right here…it’s real, I’m not dreaming anymore”…I’m sharing a few photos with you 🖤✨🤍

To order my debut book, please click on the “” link…My gratitude 🙏❤️💫

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This Animal is Back

This poem is about the wild animal in me, who’s attracted to another “animal” – the rage mixed with pain and sensuality mixed with deep & raw side. Have you never felt like this animal?

Don’t walk like this in your silky skin infront of me
My craving for you is crawling up a mountain frenzy
You’re looking red hot & my eyes are burning destiny

Gaining your trust while I throw you with my rawness on that turf
Messing with your mind & body while I pull your messy hair
Tearing your peace in pieces while I look deep into your big eyes

Whispering my twisted words in your ears to reach your red crystal
Sketching on you with my sharp nails to make you whisper pain with your deep vocals
Shaking you intensely to awaken your senses to make a connection with your crying soul

Biting your tender flesh slowly to calm my hunger with my hungry teeth
Oh, I feel like an animal
My lips are sticky & shaded as I taste the thick red that you’re bleeding
I think, I’m an animal
Even the wind under dark heavens of hell is howling crazy
Yeah, I’m an animal

I see you in my mirror & my lens is bleeding red visuals
Ahh, I’m so bloodthirsty animal
I see you in my shadow & I look like that fiery dragon
Wo, I’m so scary animal
I see you shattered & scattered all over my dark ground
Rahh, I’m so brutal animal
I disappear in darkness after killing your dying soul to be one with the new you & eternity
Yeah, I am that tainted & untamed animal

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Notes: Haiku – seasonal transformation (1). Myths of the mirror (2) In the dark, a rose #poem (3)

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Photo credits: The beautiful picture of moon is taken by my dear friend, Nitish Jain. I’ve added some layers & filters to make it scream my poem. is now

As you’re already aware that I was facing several issues for the last 70 days or so with my site – The biggest issue was that almost none of my readers were receiving any notifications. Therefore, I’ve shutdown my old site & have created this brand new site – I’m still in the process of updating this new site. But I wanted to update you with this new development.

Problems with navinspoems were constantly running in my mind
I was facing several issues for several weeks with my site
Whenever I was publishing fresh ryhmes, I couldn’t catch your sharp sight
Migrated away for supposedly something better with my closed eyes
Almost none could reach me as if I were hiding at greater heights
Restlessness & anxiety gave me company during the sleepless nights
I was stuck in a deep hole as if I couldn’t move & fly
So now I’ve killed navinspoems without committing any crime
To give birth to navinspoetry, it’s my brand new sign
What’s the point of light & darkness if I can’t show my phases of different kinds
I hope you’ll keep supporting my poetry with your presence & radiant shine

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My Hissssing Eye

This poem is about how things can trigger my insanity, which results in chasing / snapping on a person til my burning eyes, full of rage “kill” that person

I’m so twisted when I lay down in my pit
When things grow crazy, I shed my deadly skin
I look so drop dead when I wear this new suit of scales
My hissssing eyes are wide open while you look at me in fear

Don’t gaze at me with that glare, you’re just making me insane
Just pray for your life coz you’re about to be my next prey
You simply can’t escape when I follow your shaky steps
Don’t look back at me in despair while I sway my swag

My moves are so swift when I zig-zag & spit at you in air
I’ll show you the blues when I bite you, I swear
Everything will change in that moment to the living hell
I’ll give you fits before you finally lie on your ground plain dead

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