My Hissssing Eye

I’m so twisted when I lay down in my pit
When things grow crazy, I shed my deadly skin
I look so drop dead when I wear this new suit of scales
My hissssing eyes are wide open while you look at me in fear

Don’t gaze at me with that glare, you’re just making me insane
Just pray for your life coz you’re about to be my next prey
You simply can’t escape when I follow your shaky steps
Don’t look back at me in despair while I sway my swag

My moves are so swift when I zig-zag & spit at you in air
I’ll show you the blues when I bite you, I swear
Everything will change in that moment to the living hell
I’ll give you fits before you finally lie on your ground plain dead

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27 thoughts on “My Hissssing Eye

  1. Wow, just wow! I truly love the way that you write, the imagery in this poem is insane. Depicted well by the image of a snake, but equally applicable to human emotions 🌷

  2. Well, my dear Navin, I will choose to believe that during that rage I will attempt to calm that storm that comes towards me and I WILL succeed…

      1. If I cannot then I shall be the untamed with you…merging with the, until it dissipates…

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