Reblogging – The Devil’s Face (video)

I’m republishing my old poem – The Devil’s Face in a new form….Every single element of this video is created by myself….poem, photo, piano (well, hitting the keys), special effects etc….I’m simply experimenting & at the same time, connecting with the I in me….

Look beyond the gory imagination to sense the essence.

This is an excerpt of my original post – The Devil’s Face, that I published on 21/09/2019: It’s my poem of horrors if you simply read the words. But if you dig deeper, it’s not about the blood bath. It’s about showing the real face, which we tend to hide to give the fake appearance of looking happy & great. To me, it’s not a scary poem, it’s a sacred one – a different art form.

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28 thoughts on “Reblogging – The Devil’s Face (video)

  1. Wow Navin, this is so full of power and strength. I absolutely LOVE the video, so perfectly done! The timing is spot on and the piano keys in the background really bring the words to life. Your writing is as alive as ever, each word dances on the screen. I can feel every single line deeply, and that’s the work of a very talented writer!!!! Keep this up, my dear friend…I’d love to see more like this 🤗🖤🤍

    1. Oh my, I’m delighted to read your heartfelt words Ace….you’re very sweet & kind….you honor me with your praise….and I mostly end up smiling, shining & admiring….my gratitude to you 🙏 ✨ ❤️ 💫

  2. Oh my, how superb. I totally get it, and think this piece is, indeed, sacred. I see what you are pointing to, and writing about, Navin, and it is lovely. 🙏❤✨

    1. Thank you very much for seeing the deeper picture, dear Jeff….your words are always uplifting & your love is unconditional….My gratitude 🙏❤️💫

  3. “There’s a fine line between your sane and my insane”… love that line. I believe, we are all a bit insane! I suppose thinking the same thoughts over and over is insane! :’) <3 Piano keys are intense! 🙂 Bold poetry about authenticity. <3

    1. But I’ve only added music with special effects….there’s no voice….I appreciate that you used your time to check my post ❤️💫

      1. oh well I must have listened to the last one? internet where I am is spotty at best. I did read this one I thought to.. hmmmm.. best wait till I get home.. xoxoxoxo 💖💖❣️❤️🌷

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