Reblogging – The Devil’s Face (video)

I’m republishing my old poem – The Devil’s Face in a new form….Every single element of this video is created by myself….poem, photo, piano (well, hitting the keys), special effects etc….I’m simply experimenting & at the same time, connecting with the I in me….

Look beyond the gory imagination to sense the essence.

This is an excerpt of my original post – The Devil’s Face, that I published on 21/09/2019: It’s my poem of horrors if you simply read the words. But if you dig deeper, it’s not about the blood bath. It’s about showing the real face, which we tend to hide to give the fake appearance of looking happy & great. To me, it’s not a scary poem, it’s a sacred one – a different art form.

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A Poem: Unmask

The feeling of being raw, real & naked with the thoughts & emotions, without bringing the consequence factor into play. It doesn’t mean, I don’t try to work hard on myself to be the better version & to simply evolve. But if the dark is too dark, then how about shadows & silhouette in light. Meaning I don’t pretend & wear a mask when I feel comfortable in my own skin.

I often find myself caught
In the middle of my thoughts
When I sit in the dark
I then take heavy shots
At my cage full of spots

When I stare at burning stars
It feels as if I’m a frozen dot
I’m restless on my ground
The tears then I freely drop
From the eyes of my heart

The waves & the shocks
The flash & the sparks
I rise then I fall
My flesh bleeds when I walk
The pain speaks to me loud

The chains cut my song
The layers I then rip apart
The patterns hit me hard
The disc cracks & it parts
The track trips my path

I scratch scars with my claw
My demons in me freely crawl
I’m hungry but I simply starve
So I scream & then I roar
I’m this wild animal so raw

I’m imperfect full of flaws
My ink leaks as I jot
My poetry isn’t just the art
It’s my life that I prompt
It’s my soul that I unmask

—– Unmask —–

Unmask is a poem about being naked; being real with my thoughts & emotions. I don’t believe in hiding my face (/phase) & it simply doesn’t matter how I look coz I’ve finally come to know who I am. I often find myself caught in these thoughts that why people need to fake it. Is it to please others or is it about living in self-denial? It doesn’t mean, I don’t try to work hard on myself to be the better version & to simply evolve. It’s about being transparent & real about how I really sense & feel from my pov.

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This Animal is Back

This poem is about the wild animal in me, who’s attracted to another “animal” – the rage mixed with pain and sensuality mixed with deep & raw side. Have you never felt like this animal?

Don’t walk like this in your silky skin infront of me
My craving for you is crawling up a mountain frenzy
You’re looking red hot & my eyes are burning destiny

Gaining your trust while I throw you with my rawness on that turf
Messing with your mind & body while I pull your messy hair
Tearing your peace in pieces while I look deep into your big eyes

Whispering my twisted words in your ears to reach your red crystal
Sketching on you with my sharp nails to make you whisper pain with your deep vocals
Shaking you intensely to awaken your senses to make a connection with your crying soul

Biting your tender flesh slowly to calm my hunger with my hungry teeth
Oh, I feel like an animal
My lips are sticky & shaded as I taste the thick red that you’re bleeding
I think, I’m an animal
Even the wind under dark heavens of hell is howling crazy
Yeah, I’m an animal

I see you in my mirror & my lens is bleeding red visuals
Ahh, I’m so bloodthirsty animal
I see you in my shadow & I look like that fiery dragon
Wo, I’m so scary animal
I see you shattered & scattered all over my dark ground
Rahh, I’m so brutal animal
I disappear in darkness after killing your dying soul to be one with the new you & eternity
Yeah, I am that tainted & untamed animal

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Notes: Haiku – seasonal transformation (1). Myths of the mirror (2) In the dark, a rose #poem (3)

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Photo credits: The beautiful picture of moon is taken by my dear friend, Nitish Jain. I’ve added some layers & filters to make it scream my poem.

A Poem: Longing

Every day brings me to something different. I am writing this new poem very late at night. The words are flowing in me all of a sudden & I am not stopping them. I’m simply longing crazily & living those lines as if it’s my reality.

Picturing you laying by my side
While we hold each other so tight
The smell of your hair & skin
Draws me even closer to you with a blink
The tender touch on your pretty face
Makes you smile with that haiz
The deep ocean in your beautiful eyes
The sacred connection of our beating hearts
The souls are doing most of the talk
But I know your voice is sweet & warm
The bodies start burning immensely hot
When I press my lips against the soft lips of yours
The sensual feeling to move & dance
When you put me into the loving trance
The way you breathe in that very moment
Truly spiritual at a deeper level
You lay your head gently on my chest
And we drift away in the mysterious mist
The universe stands still in total awe
When our bodies melt together into one
You are so close to me in sense perception
And yet so far away from a different dimension
The longing to be with you is just not some crazy dream
If I cut open my chest, you’ll see how I bleed without a scream
You’re a blessing with a formless form
That I cherish from dusk til dawn

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Painting this Picture

I’m visualizing every line of this poem as this is what I’m feeling. The lines are flowing in me; this poem is occurring to me. It’s my spiritual way of dealing & healing myself.

Tear my eyes to ocean
Tear my body into pieces
Break open the dark skies
Break me into phases
Paint my face in thick red
Paint my phrase to crazy
Pain me till I feel the edges
Pain me to find the inner space
Falling from top of the hill
Falling to reach my grounding
Diving to kill the killzone
Diving to meet the unknown
Dying to repair the top shelf
Dying to reborn my whole self

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A Poem: Bittersweetness

A different kind of poem I’m writing. If you read it closely, you’ll find many different levels. It unwraps gradually as you read it slowly. Bitter does not necessarily mean bad, whether it’s chocolate or a person. One needs to understand the texture, proportions and the process.

Some people like the taste of
Bittersweet chocolate and
Some give it just a try coz
The problem is that
Sweet taste disappears so fast & then
Bitter hits the tongue to
Give the sensation of darkness but
You feel like eating some
More bittersweet chocolate to
Get the sweetness back again before
The bitter hits you once more but
This time the difference is that
The bitterness lasts longer so
Either you’ll get addicted to the taste or
It would be hard to enjoy with the slow pace
I’m that bittersweet chocolate entering in your deep space so
Slide me in and
Bite me into small pieces to
Get that raw taste or
Use your soft hands to
Unwrap the silver foil and
Break me into pieces to
Put me in your lukewarm bowl where
You stir & melt me gently where
We melt & freeze slowly to
Make new shape & forms but
If you can’t decide that
You would like the taste coz
It’s difficult for you to
Try something less sweet then
Simply wrap me back and
Hide me somewhere in your space coz
You aren’t ready to handle
The real & raw flavours of
Pure joy & sweet pain well
Perhaps another time but
You must always remember that
You are holding just a portion of this bar and
Not sitting in some darkened space and
Holding the bars of a cage coz
One thing about me will never change that
I’ll always remain the bittersweet chocolate with
A slightly edgy taste that
Depends on the chemistry between
You & me and
How I was actually made

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Happy B’day My Dearest Wife

This poem is dedicated to my wife on her b’day, expressing how I feel and how she’s been supporting me & being there for the whole family in difficult times.

  1. You are that golden & intense sunshine
  2. Who lighten up my darkened shades & gloomy signs
  3. Even though we’re going through very difficult times
  4. It’s you, who has kept me & the family alive
  5. You’re the beautiful being with the sense of the sublime
  6. The heart of yours is pure & divine
  7. The emotions flow in you as the waves – sinusoid
  8. I’m deeply thankful that you’re in my life
  9. I know, I don’t always show it & sometimes I make you cry
  10. But you must know that I love you very high, you’re the magical kind
  11. Jan – A Very Happy B’day from our beautiful kids & me – my dearest & beautiful wife

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