Spoken Word – Slides

Dear all,

I’m sharing the spoken word of my poem – Slides…it’s a one take voice recording with zero rehearsal…I felt it right…right away…

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©2022 Navin’s Poetry. All rights reserved.
Photo taken by myself.
Music created in GarageBand.

24 thoughts on “Spoken Word – Slides

  1. Navin! I love love love this. First, the poetry is something I identify with in great detail. I feel it. Then to add it with your performance is just that much more intense. Perfect, as always. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you very much, Tara…you’re very kind…I’m delighted that you enjoyed my spoken word….I had no idea how I was going to recite…I was very much feeling the words…it’s a one take recording…thank you for always being there…this means a lot to me 🙏✨💟💫

    1. Thank you very much, dear Grace…I’m delighted that you enjoyed my spoken word & the presentation…my intuition guided me ✨❤️💫

  2. Listening to you read your verse is such a treat. The passion you have is infectious and amazing. Wonderful spoken word, dearest Navin. ❤️🌹🥰✨

    1. I’m glad you liked my spoken word…thank you very much for listening to it & for your wonderful support, dearest Jeff 🙏✨❤️💫🥰

  3. Oh Navin, I loved this poem, when I first read it and yes..it is also so relatable to me in my life…but then you read your words and this has now given the poem another dimension..another level..where words spoken are raw feelings and coming from your heart and your voice, and not just your pen, it paints your pain in live audio.It is so much more impacting, so much more intimate.. In the one verse, you speed up purposely and it gives me the impression of almost trying to run away from your own imagery, as it is frantic and so real.
    as if it is too much for you to bear to say it out-loud…Wow!! So visceral and penetrating!! ❤️🤗

    1. I was speechless after I read your heartfelt words…would you believe that my throat was feeling weird & my eyes started to shine while I was looking outside from the train window?…I didn’t even think how & in which pace I was gonna recite when I recorded this piece…I was simply feeling these words intensely in me…and therefore, I didn’t want to change anything about it…one take recording…you’re intuitive…perhaps that’s why I subconsciously changed to high pace in one of the verses…emotions are building in me…if I weren’t sitting in the train, I would freely cry…my gratitude to you for seeing me through my words & voice…I really can’t thank you enough…I’m able to find peace amidst the inner rollercoaster ❤️

  4. You make poetry multidimensional with making it this beautiful experience to immerse in. Absolutely deeply mesmerizing and engaging for how you make the intensity of human experience relatable.

    1. Your words always leave me speechless…& then I end up looking out of the window…my inner window…thank you so very much for your heartfelt words, Pragalbha…it’s lovely to see you 💫

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