Stop fixing Me – Just simply Be

Listen to your inner voice
Sense the gut feeling
The intuition
It is the deepest and purest voice
It is the voice of wisdom
Try not to give attention to the voice of fear
The voice of pain-body
Turn down the volume of the mind
Talking to you constantly
Telling you what to and what not to do
It will eat away the very essence of you
Let it go and breathe freely
Don’t let the anxiety control the flow of air
Open the doors of higher sense perception
Listen to the heart
What You Believe Is What You See Is What You Get
Know yourself well
Be your true friend
Self-love is the key
Don’t be afraid of falling
There’s always a curled learning
Even dark has light
Connecting with silence is not being quiet
Being vulnerable is not the weakness…
…Was the conversation between I and mySelf

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