A beautiful soul – Astha

I’m sharing a very sad news….I’ve come to know that Astha’s soul has left her body on 30th April….she was fighting against covid-19….I used to read her poems, whenever she would post on WP….she was also compiler of an upcoming anthology – Utmost Feelings….I was one of the co-writers….so I was in touch with her on / off….through the whatsapp anthology group as well….that’s how I’ve come to know about this when Taruchaya – one of the co-writers pinged me & shared this sad news….the feeling of being numb & shock was instant….the last time she wrote to me was on 23rd April, where she said, her condition was bad & she would revert back in a few days….I texted her on 28th April to know how she was feeling….but no reply….it’s still hard to believe that such a young woman isn’t with us anymore….if that wasn’t enough, her mother has passed away as well due to covid-19….I can’t even imagine how her father, brother & other family members must be going through….

This short poem is dedicated to dear Astha….

My silence is screaming
My heart is bleeding
My eyes are flowing
My thoughts are heavy

I look up at the dark sky
A star is shining bright
A beautiful soul
In heaven


You will forever stay within us – R.I.P. ❤️💫🙏✨


You may read my poem – Stuck as well. It’s related to the chaos due to covid-19.

47 thoughts on “A beautiful soul – Astha

  1. Thank you for sharing this news with us, Navin. Astha was a pillar in this community and is such a beautiful soul. May she Rest In Peace and be remembered for the inspiring person she truly was. Thank you for honoring her memory so purely 🙏🏻🖤

  2. Shocking news and it’s hard to believe that this happened!!!! I thought she was in a break when I didn’t read her posts for a while, I am so lost for words. May her soul rest in peace! 🖤🖤

  3. We lost a dear friend to Covid19 on 30th April…it’s hard to believe she and her mom are no more. I was glad to be a part of an anthology she was compiling. You’ll live in our hearts Astha….always…forever! So no goodbyes for you dear…!

    No Goodbyes

    You were so young, you went too soon
    You left a void behind
    We are in shock…we can’t believe
    Our teary eyes are blind
    This heart aches so so much
    for the sudden great loss
    Even now my hands are shaking
    as I’m typing with a pause
    I’m glad we crossed path
    though it was on social network
    I’m glad we talked a while
    I’m glad we collaborated our work
    Now that you’re no more
    I’ll keep writing on your behalf
    You’ll be alive amongst us all
    Not just as a photograph
    I’ll find you in the moon’s halo
    I’ll find you in sunrise
    I’ll find in the gentle breeze
    I’ll find you in the sapphire skies
    You’ll breathe in our breaths
    You’ll see through our eyes
    You’ll write through our words
    This isn’t the end, so no goodbyes!

    © Taruchaya

  4. No way 😰
    How can she? I too loved her poems. She was just amazing. It’s hard for me to put ‘was’ with her name.
    It’s a terrible news. Oh God!

    My deep condolences to her family.
    May her soul rest in peace.

  5. Oh oh that is soooo sad. She is in very good Hands 🙏

    May God give strength and wisdom to the ones left behind to deal with her absence 🙏

  6. Oh dear, I thought she was on hiatus. She was such a lovely person, an incredible poet and an avid supporter here. My sincere condolences to her family, may her soul rest in peace.
    Thank you for letting us know.

  7. I was in utter disbelief and shock after reading this post for the first time. I re-read it 5 times.
    This is soooo sad. She used to talk to me so nicely. I loved her posts. Thanks for sharing the news.
    Now, she’s is a star in another world.

  8. NOOOOOOO! This is heartbreaking Navin.💔
    She was such a lovely young woman too young to go and always such a supportive and loving person!
    I’m in shock and if I am, I can only imagine how you are feeling writing with her and all. 💗❣️
    Soooo sad. Please let us know when the book is out and thank you for letting us know. Every day I wonder when I haven’t heard from someone in India💔
    Such a loss❣️ Take good care!

    1. Thank you very much for your heartfelt words….yeah, it’s heartbreaking that hee soul decided to leave her body….I’ll let you know when the book is out….all the co-writers & the publication house are dedicating this anthology (Utmost Feelings) to Astha….a beautiful gesture by the publication house n co-writers, who are willing to help….much love ❤️ 🙏

      1. You’re so welcome Navin.
        I was just going through all of her posts and comments. She was always so sweet on my posts as well. How old was she? I think young. Thanks for keeping me posted and let me know if there is something we should/ could do as a community.
        Love to you Navin❣️❤️💖

        1. She was very young….I think in her 20s….I’ll let you know if we could help in some way as a community….that’s a noble thought, Cindy 🙏 ❤️

          1. I think so too Navin. I just can’t believe it. I went back through to all of her comments on my post and mine on hers and left a email message to her family in case they pick it up. She was such a jewel. So young. Thank you… not sure what makes sense but we could make poems to her from our W.P. family and send them to her family IDK but you keep us posted💖❣️❣️🙏🙏🙏🙏

            1. II sent a message to Astha’s number today in hope of reaching out to her family….I think, her brother responded with “🙏🙏🙏”….I asked directly to contact if they need any help….we can surely send poems to show they are not alone….they must be going through a lot….losing Astha n her mother is unimaginable 🙏❤️

  9. I am really sorry to know about this. May her soul rest in peace. :'(
    Upset about the state of the country we live in. Heart wrenching that this is what humans have to face. 🙁

  10. Thank you for sharing this with us Naveen!!!!
    This is heart breaking! Astha was a beautiful girl! She wrote amazing poems! Brilliant poems! May her souls rest in peace!

    Did you now Astha personally?? Like since you had her no. And all

    1. Yeah, she wrote amazing & brilliant poems…a beautiful soul 🙏❤️

      We used to read each other’s poetry & comment….As you can read in this post, she was compiler of an anthology (pls do check my upcoming post)….so, all the co-writers have a whatsapp grp….I used to help her in finding writers….and therefore, the direct contact….I didn’t know her personally….knowing her & other bloggers through WP community is a blessing….

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