A Human Being

So if I simply write this to you
Would you read it?
Would you get what I mean?
Eye me explicitly
Tear me tenderly
Drop me dramatically
Wet me whimsically

I’m dreaming in this dream
You are with me
Soulful touches
Body heat
Wet lips
Intense eyes
One heart

Yeah, it surely is a dream
Coz I can only see me in reality
Empty touches
Body scream
Dry lips
Soft eyes
Broken heart

Is love only related to a relation with another human?
Is love about feeling, touching & kissing?
Is love about missing, longing & meeting?
Is love about losing, sacrificing & winning?
Is love conditional, seasonal & situational?
Answers I already have coz I know its true meaning

But tonight I’m missing the heat
Tonight I don’t want to really see
My craving to kiss like crazy
And look in the beautiful eyes so deep
Touch the gentle skin tenderly
Forget the world & all those what ifs

But the emptiness in me
Is choking me very slowly
My throat is dry & heavy
My soul is grey & rainy
This moment my body is shivering
Coz I’m feeling once again very lonely

Vulnerability at its peak
Soon I won’t be able to speak
Caged in these feelings like a freak
Running around in circles to be free
Closing my eyes to find the inner peace
But eyes are constantly dripping beads

Yeah, it truly was just a dream
I’m sitting in my room not able to sleep
It’s time to listen to my favorite playlist
Before I sink into my loneliness a few more feet
I’m in tears but I just don’t want to scream
Weak & in pain I can be coz I too am a human being

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Photo taken by myself. 

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29 thoughts on “A Human Being

    1. Absolutely…but the thing is true love is deep within…it’s when the pain-body is crazy active…just like mine when I was writing the poem…thank you very much for your words & for reading my poem, Ivor…

  1. Oh, the heaviness of pain is so beautifully expressed!! I love how you managed to give the same feeling to a reader like me with your intense words that you felt while writing. 👌👌👌 This is extremely beautiful. ❣️❣️❣️

  2. Captivating…like mounting a wild river and riding it out to the mouth, where brackish sea meets river’s ebb and it’s so very human. Beautiful flow of mind!

    1. I’m glad you found my poem captivating…you’ve described it so beautifully…thank you very much for your heartfelt words, Karima ✨💟💫

  3. My pleasure Navin…your voice is unique, your rhythmic style a delight to read (especially out loud) and your messages are profound and always relatable.. as we all are human.. and you know humanity well…Thank you and look forward to your coming works…. Peace my friend.🕊

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