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A poem – Automatic

It’s simply automatic & kinda symptomatic when I’m out to see the unsystematic flow of this inner darkness when I layer myself with the transparent sheet that looks quite fantastic coz it’s ornamented with the fragments of my provocative thoughts

But the sword on my claustrophobic plot is dancing so hot as if it’s about to sore & cut open my throat to penetrate the screaming walls of my cracked fort that in reality can’t even afford the heavy blows coz then it throws the red pearls out to the shore to shut down the light of my burning core

This whole coat the unseen holes on my shaky course with the pragmatic approach to integrate the scorching arithmetic quotes by simply torching floors filled with scouting horrors with the glow of a rhythmic unknown to simply show the unmatched power of the so called smoking soul

But then this cinematic scene explodes & I freely fall on this ecstatic floor where I start transcribing my countless flaws with my crazy traumatic claws into the poetic form where I take an accelerated pause to finally get lost in the edges of my sleepless jaws to wait for another daunting but quite exotic dawn

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34 thoughts on “A poem – Automatic

  1. This reads as if
    One cannot quit take a deep enough breath to fill the lungs, a moment of frenzied panic. The mind takes back control and there is a calm. This is indeed intense. 🙏🏼💙

    1. Thank you, Blue….it’s exactly how I was feeling when I wrote this piece….I was seeing vivid imagery on my screen 💙✨🙏

  2. Like I said on IG…. Bang bang!!! 😎😎😎. AWESOME, Navin. Feelings are everything… ❤️👌💫🙏😍🤗

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