Beast of the Beats

The heart is always singing & playing some fluctuating beats
Get ready coz I’m about to kill these crazy & deafening melodies
The beast is looking at me constantly while it’s feasting on my blood & meat
It’s tearing me apart in pieces, while I’m bleeding ink rapidly

The holes in me are dark & many, if you look in my head very closely
This darkness is slippery & is about to stick just like the thick grease on my grid
It feels as if I’m about to leave, to find my hell or be one with the heavenly
But I’ll not try to find the God, coz that pure energy lives inside of me

I know the beast can’t reach the core, from where I breathe & live in totality
But I don’t know how to breathe, coz the anxiety is kicking restlessly
I’m affected & shaking quite often after checking my recent prints on the computer screen
This beast is like a thief, who keeps stealing my vitality

I’m trying to blow positivity in my whole by therapy & self healing
All I need is to love, live & care from the deep in reality
Feel free to play judge & jury, but I don’t care what you actually think of me
I’m simply playing these beats to transform beast & its norm, so it stops preying on me, calamity

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