7 thoughts on “Everyday is Deepawali

  1. Oh I love this Navin! Wonderful play on words and the sweet treats a delight. I just made sol something (now I forget the name) with my friend and used filo for the outside instead of the traditional dough and we baked it… mixing nationalities of Indian and Greek. It was her surprise to me and so delicious !❣️ I gave her a bracelet. We always celebrate together which is so much fun.. (a little late but late is great) Happy Diwali my friend!!

  2. Love your own profound take on your traditional holidays of light..Navn..you who see light in darkness and vice versa. “The Sweets of Karma” will not taste the same to all who eat it… Such a spiritual view but your own brand my friend!!

    1. True that the sweets of Karma will not taste the same to all…hence, the sweet of Karma…thank you very much for your wonderful words, dear Karima…they truly mean a lot to me ✨🙏💫💟

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