The Less-On

My face isn’t phaseless
My mind isn’t noiseless
My side is though senseless
I dream when I’m sleepless
But my eyes aren’t soulless

The current can be shockless
The present is embracing timeless
Waves can never be flowless
Imperfections can’t be flawless
My ink is bleeding formless

Simplicity isn’t tasteless
Levitation doesn’t mean groundless
Darkness doesn’t mean lightless
And clarity isn’t always spotless
The intuition isn’t clueless

The mindful walk is speedless
Realizing the beauty of labelless
Deep connection is truly wireless
Nothingness is simply priceless
The door to heart is leafless

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I don’t normally participate in prompts…but when @thoughtconnection on Instagram tagged me on 1st April…with the prompt “what is love?”…then I felt like saying what love is…this is how I see it…

Love is ageless
Love is colorless
Love is soundless
Love is effortless
Love is formless
Love is typeless
Love is timeless
Love is mindless
Love is vastness
Love is natural
Love is nature
Love is universe
Love is exceptional
Love is unconditional
LOVE simply IS

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Photo taken by myself.


It’s hard to watch, I sigh
Need to stop playing these slides
But I can’t hit pause even though I try
The dreamy crystals start to melt the eyes
The transparent projections of the lonely tide

Images are so vivid on my OCD screen
Oh see the scene of my patterns in high density
The heart aches at times with sheer intensity
My fingers pass through the phase of fluidity
The sensation of pure touch is deep within me

Memories are burnt with layered cries
The beautiful face & that breathtaking smile
The hypnotizing music in the angelic voice
Those poems were once dipped in You & I
This space is still painted with pure shine

The flipping of the choice in the blink of an eye
The zipping of your lines in the case of my mind
The tripping of my heart when I sip your vibe
The ripping of my parts from the very inside
The dripping of my art in the form of these rhymes

Can you root what I’m grounding?
Can you sea what I’m riding?
Can you feel what I’m writing?
Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t expect things
All I’m saying is that I’ll always love you, miss

So I key those slides safely inside the ocean of my eyes
And I beam these lines freely in the Universe so divine

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I Remain

Tonight I’m at this place
Where black is the shade
White is the sense
Space is the scene
Energy is intense
Everything is rain
Salt in the air
Burning this skin
Everything seems pain
But love is the taste
Memory is the lane
Silence is the music
Crystal on my lips
Whispering the name
Eyes are searching
Green in the sea
My state is in pieces
While I remain at peace

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Reflection of A-Mirror

You’ve left behind a permanent mark in my whole
I know it’ll always remain smoking sacred & pure
I hope you can see the light in your crystal clear core

You’re more than A-mirror, a magical reflection of the highest source
You’re the breathtaking sparkling waterfall that freely flows
You’re the crystal green, the beautiful light that intensely glows

You see, this body suit is just an appearance, a closed piece of cloth
And love is much more bigger than the feeling of “mi amor”
This life is the meditative voyage on waves of the highs & the lows

The only way you would know that my body is ashes in the human form
Is when I’ll disappear from the pages just like the mysterious black hole
No footprints of mine you’ll ever find, coz I’m the fine sand on the shore

I’m understanding the meaning of pure touch that I once craved for
My gratitude to you for being with me from the other side of this globe
The Universe is echoing “It’s You”, just say no more beautiful soul

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Reblogging – This Animal is Back

This poem was originally published on 24/08/2020

Don’t walk like this in your silky skin infront of me
My craving for you is crawling up a mountain frenzy
You’re looking red hot & my eyes are burning destiny

Gaining your trust while I throw you with my rawness on that turf
Messing with your mind & body while I pull your messy hair
Tearing your peace in pieces while I look deep into your big eyes

Whispering my twisted words in your ears to reach your red crystal
Sketching on you with my sharp nails to make you whisper pain with your deep vocals
Shaking you intensely to awaken your senses to make a connection with your crying soul

Biting your tender flesh slowly to calm my hunger with my hungry teeth
Oh, I feel like an animal
My lips are sticky & shaded as I taste the thick red that you’re bleeding
I think, I’m an animal
Even the wind under dark heavens of hell is howling crazy
Yeah, I’m an animal

I see you in my mirror & my lens is bleeding red visuals
Ahh, I’m so bloodthirsty animal
I see you in my shadow & I look like that fiery dragon
Wo, I’m so scary animal
I see you shattered & scattered all over my dark ground
Rahh, I’m so brutal animal
I disappear in darkness after killing your dying soul to be one with the new you & eternity
Yeah, I am that tainted & untamed animal

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I’m resting on my grounded bed in the night
But I’m simply falling
The old scene is playing constantly in my mind
Seems my reality
My heart is listening to your crystal clear voice
I’m surrounded
The soft reflection of those beautiful eyes on mine
I’m caught in them

The sound of loneliness is so loud
It’s so crowded
So I close my eyes to disappear in the dark
They are now watering
I’m shaking & twisting as if I’m entrapped
Coz it’s you I’m missing
Sinking, sinking, sinking, sinking
I’m simply drowning

I’m flowing river of emptiness
It’s my longing
Taking several painful deep breaths
I’m silently sobbing
Night has never been so heavy & long
It’s close to morning
Accepting & surrendering to the now
There’s a deeper meaning

I’m bleeding, writing, tearing, living
Atleast I’m blessed to miss someone
Like crazy
Connecting with the beautiful energy
And I keep loving, loving, loving, loving her

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Photo taken by myself. 

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My Serene Kingdom

Wilting under the tilted splinters
Blinking to see flickering clickers
Playing with my sneaky demons
Voicing my cadence with slippery fingers

Creating this path in deadly trackers
Breaking the norms in small fragments
Braking with claws on warm ashes
Picturing the forms with my naked senses

Scanning the heart in pure silence
Spiraling the sky with mindful timings
Spotting the clouds with sharp lightning
Sounding the dark with beautiful thundering

Shining in my eyes when I glimpse a mirror
Signing these lines to refine the present
Sighing this rhyme when I sea the wisdom
Resighting this site to build my serene kingdom

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Photo taken by myself.

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Lightning Rhymes – The Photos with The Intro Poem

It’s amazing to hold my book in my hands…I then downloaded the digital edition on my phone…just to see how it looks like & how it feels…a feeling that’s almost impossible to express but can only be felt…I was like, “how great is that, my book is right here…it’s real, I’m not dreaming anymore”…I’m sharing a few photos with you 🖤✨🤍

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The Switch

I snapped at my kid, so I wrote down The Switch

I switched the click
Of old memories
I snapped again at him
Blood is the heat
Heart breaks in pieces
I bricked the peace
I hear the screams
Oh again, it’s just me

Everything resets to nil
I’m walking furiously
Throwing a fit
Chasing like wind
Scaring the beings
He’s running in tears
Disappearing with speed
Emptying the fills

I’m burning the stills
But I can’t simply sit
So I re-engage to spit
The trigger is me
Fire on delicate leaves
But then I switch to leave
So others can peacefully live
I dim down the chills

No covers & no sheets
I don’t want to exist
I would rather exit
When I become the beast
I feel sick in this scene
So I put me to sleep
I seek rest in peace
My name is fear

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