I don’t hear anything but the lies
So many years have now passed by
Even though the time seems to fly
All I hear are the stories of earth & sky
They are covered up in nothing but the lies
Two persons’ biggest ever sacrifice
Twisted by you all into the greatest lie

They were in deep pain & sorrow
Trauma was residing in their marrow
Til their last moments they swallowed
They hid the reality to avoid the quarrel
To simply protect you both
It seems they took some kind of oath

But what did they get in the end?
Those who are still alive didn’t comprehend
The how, the what & the why
How could they even withstand?
To give the cute one far far away
But all they wanted was to help you pave
The life you both had dreamt
What’s the need to disrespect the dead?
You weren’t the savior back then which you pretend

This all became so powerful in my soul
All I wanted to do was to stop you & roar
When I saw how you delivered that lie
You didn’t even blink for a second your eye
In a moment you were that king
Who helped the poor souls with that thing
I wanted to cry & scream
You a sly
Why do you still deny?
Just stop telling anymore this lie
All you wanted to look good in everyone’s eyes
But can you even look deeper into your own eyes?
When your high was based on this pure lie

You see this ain’t a game of hide & seek
I feel I’m about to explode & get quite sick
All I want you now is to stop telling this lie
You are also hurting the ones who are still alive
You know that I love you
I always have
But I don’t understand
Why you cover your face & spit the lie?
I hope you would care for those who are now dead
The cute one must also know the real tale
Be the man & break open the shallow shell
So come out of your ego before you drop dead

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