My Barrel

“Explosions & explosives 
Forget & forgive them
Put an end & archive it”…
… Is what I hear when I said it
Simply don’t IM me coz here I M standing

So you think I’m looking daggers?
Would boil everything til it vapours 
Then you didn’t get it right 
It was never about the fight 

If I did not fire it out
It would’ve burnt me inside out 
Now don’t even try to get me wrong 
I didn’t fire to burn them down

But if you want me to pretend
Everything is simply perfect ten
Then let’s live the fake lives
Live the lie & put on the smiles

So should I now start to think?
Before the paper gets my ink 
But then it won’t be the same
I don’t believe in prefab frame

If I can’t see myself in my eyes
What’s the point of sun & sky?
That stone in the ocean is an average five
But it still lives its purest life

Why to live the life from the shallow?
When the bones are full of marrow
You see, life is everything but narrow 
Here I am spreading the ink from my barrel

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