My Dearest Mom

There was this night so quiet & dark 
When I got up from my sleep with the twitchy spark
It was a dream of my beloved mother with me
Everything about it felt intense & so real
If she were alive, I would surely have given her a kiss
Now hear me out as the dream goes like this

She went out to attend some family party
But she came back disturbed & she had lost her sari
The next thing I noticed was quite bizzare
She was trying to park outside her little car 
But she had trouble parking it the way we call right
She looked quite disturbed & wasn’t alright
This truck was waiting & giving her some space
But she was so frustrated & wanted her own place in space
She simply then kicked her car to park it right at the spot
It seemed as if her car was made of some thin board

I was standing by the window & was watching this all
She said people were brutal, they made fun & took her sari off 
As if she were insane & was out of her very own mind 
Humiliation & tears, she was suffocated at that time
She wanted me to go with her to the same hell party 
To tell them she’s not alone & she ain’t no patsy
I said no & took mummy inside our home
All I wanted was to protect her & to give her a quiet zone

I woke up in a shock from my so intense dream
I was all shaken & saddened to the deepest of the deep
My mother was suffering clearly in that unusual scene
She was in pain & I think she wanted also to scream
I felt her presence & the pain as if it’s of my own
All I wanted to tell her – I’m right here, you are not all alone
Those people were no strangers but blood related of her own
Tears in eyes, she’s with me even though her body is gone
I love you…I love you, oh my dearest mom

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5 thoughts on “My Dearest Mom

  1. Wow, Navin, this is such a brilliant poem. Look like I hv also seen such dreams of my mom. Moms always live for us with us, guiding us, loving us

    1. Thanks Nitin…am glad to know you could connect to my poem. It is filled with both pain & love…the special bond a mother has with her children.

  2. Wow, the tears readily flowed knowing the bond that only some will know…..My youngest comes to me, of his free will, tending to his business but making sure mom is well…..there is a connection that nothing can break…not even when the soul leaves this physical space. Beautiful moving writing flowic friend….

    1. Exactly…”there’s a connection that nothing can break”….a connection between a mother & her child(ren) is unique….which Noone can break…or can replace….that’s what I also tell my kids….a kid knows the mother well….before the kid hits the earth….out of the womb…..

      1. My poor guidance as a kid….oh the things we could have did…..

        I am the witness that tells no lies and bares no truth….I am the father or mother who will always love through you…..not matter what you do…..freedom to act is up to you…

        Thank you so berry much…..

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