Phase It

So listen to me
I can see myself in me
That big spot in my brain I see
My body is cut into two with that seam
It’s just not the bleeding I feel
It seems as if my body & mind have been
Big scars that are ready to peel
My inner self will one day going to heal

But this all isn’t come for free
It’s not been easy for fear & pain to relieve
To inject hope & will power to believe
To simply change the scenery of this scene
This is what I truly & deeply mean
The pictures in my head & heart that need to be seen
Are not perfect but they are very real & clean

The therapists have helped me to refill & relive
The shaky stairs when I looked down made my mind play tricks
The balance I lost when I walked or stood still
The white angel once entered to rescue me from those two evils
The sleepless nights & body pain that made me so ill

Now I’m back home after over 5 weeks of rehab
I’m glad to be with family but I still miss the time at rehab
It sounds somewhat selfish but it’s true, I don’t wish to hide that
Slow & steady is the trick, I’m taking the baby steps
Hoping one day body & mind would synchronize their sensational act
I would very much like to feel & see that
Rehab phase 2 is about to begin & I’m ready to beast that
Peace of mind & peaceful heart is what I need to reach there

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5 thoughts on “Phase It

  1. I hope your poetry wrting is being theraputic for you as well. Good luck with the rehab. It’s good to be home, in familiar and comfortable surroundings. Hopefully things will go well for you.

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