Lightning Rhymes Review by Jeff Flesch

A few days back I received a mail from this wonderful being…an amazing poet, that goes by the name – Jeff Flesch |@fleschj…Jeff had tried to submit this review of my poetry book – Lightning Rhymes on Amazon several times…but due to some kind of glitch/issue, it never showed up…so Jeff decided to email me this heart touching review, which I’m sharing with you all…My gratitude to you, dearest Jeff…I’m simply delighted & honoured 🙏✨❤️💫

Review of Lightning Rhymes by Jeff Flesch:

“Lightning Rhymes, by Navin Manik, is a tour de force of poems that enter into the reader’s heart, blossoming like wildflowers stretching towards the sun of spiritual transcendence. Navin’s poetry is raw and powerful, connecting spiritual experiences to nature in a way that leaves the reader breathless, and in want of more. The feelings Navin evokes throughout the book are stunningly descriptive and can resonate with any human being on this planet, for we’ve all been to places Navin describes. Deep pain, trauma, heartache, anxiety, depression, etc., are woven into the language inside of these beautiful poems with an expert hand. Likewise, Navin expresses deep love, hope, and the beauty of human connection throughout his verse. I highly recommend Lightning Rhymes, it is a book that will resonate in your heart and mind.”

You must know that I’m grateful to each & every one of you…for your love & amazing support…it truly means a lot to me…please keep supporting me & my poetry 🙏✨💟💫

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