Lightning Rhymes Review by Rimpledeep Kaur

Today I’m sharing this wonderful & heartfelt review of Lightning Rhymes by Rimpledeep Kaur @rimple.deep from Instagram world…Rimple is an amazing poet…her writings are beautiful, spiritual & they make one look deeper into oneself…she has also published her very first poetry collection, The Universe In You.

Rimple’s beautiful words have my heart…my utmost gratitude to you, Rimple…not only am I honoured but also I’m deeply touched 🙏✨💟💫

I’m grateful to each & every one of you…for your wonderful support…for your unconditional love towards my poetry…you guys have always blessed me with your amazing comments / reflections…

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Formless Trees

I’m gliding high with colourful birds on either side
Freestyling on the fly with my broadened wing size
Airing natural rhymes in an infinitely open sky
Holding ball of fire with calmness in my fluid eyes
Beaming rays of light through the shiny translucent blinds

Bleeding diamonds once felt like the breaking point
Shockwave was running into me when I was paralyzed
Countless spots in my shell suffocated me numerous times
Realized one day that steep falls were designed to slowly rise
I’m able to see that patterns & forms aren’t the real I

The gorgeous beauty of the moon in the magical night
Walking on partly visible path in the now is pure enlightenment
The spiritual energy is creating the magnetic ocean tides
Unknown depths I’m reaching when I tune in to inner shine
The new sides I’m sensing when I keep redying to be alive

Transforming cutthroat screams to the meaningful voice
Sanding inner wall that was clayed with layered noise
Dissolving deeper scars with the mindful sacred silence
Blowing on greyish site to ignite sparks of life
Manifesting formless trees on the naked & barren soil

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Spoken Word – The Edge (republished)

I’m sharing my very first spoken word, that I posted on 10th December 2020 on my WordPress blog. I don’t know why I’m doing so all of a sudden but there could be several reasons – from reminiscence to reflection.

The Edge is a poem about my struggles during that time. On 7th November 2019 I was hit by brain hemorrhage on the right side. Over 1 year had passed by but it was definitely not easy for me to fully accept, understand & live with this new reality. The feeling of broken & repaired at the same time. It just didn’t affect me alone but my surroundings as well, including the family. I could see this struggle on my inner screen as flow of images. So I decided to write those images in the form of this freestyle poetry. These words became so intense, at least in my head, that I felt like recording it in my voice. I didn’t know how to create spoken word back then. I didn’t bother searching it either coz I wanted to create this spoken word immediately, with whatever technical knowledge / tools I had. So I recorded my voice on my phone, created a Powerpoint presentation on my laptop, played the voice recording on it, timed the PP slides to sync with my voice & capture this all as a video through a free screen recorder software. I’m presenting the same original spoken word to you all.

Please put sound on…

I sit sharp on the edge of my bench in the dark with a hatchet in my hand to break open my senses & to claim that my pain in the veins is not vain but insane

But I get so mad & a bit sad when I spread metal scraps on myself coz then I bleed the beads so discreet on my crease to decrease the misery

So I feel quite shaky as if my skin is so thin like a leaf & it starts to burn instantly to create the debris that comes out from the heat of the seed

I’m torn at my core that I feel this need to ease & burn my peace into pieces on the street that’s filled with so many deep & some holes unseen

So I scream in infinity with my fluctuating beat coz I can’t simply breathe & it seems I’m the beast hinged to the scene of the shattered dream

I relapse on my screen coz this all feel so diseased when I see this degree of release & then I step explicitly into the bed of fire to become the deceased

But then I focus on to drop my sores with the source of my scope in this hope that one day I’ll for sure end this whole to simply blow everything to the pure

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I published my book on 7th November 2021 – exactly 2 years after the bleeding. It’s my second birth or perhaps the first real one.

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Please put sound on…

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This Region

I know my brain ain’t no xeon
And perhaps it’s not rendering every bit spot on
But it processes the complex with pure intuition
And my eyes glow as the intense UV neon
They read the hidden with clear vision

The rocks in glass with the golden key on
Unlocking the transparent to create the free zone
The black & white are my preferred crayons
Rubbing them on this paper sheet with me down
Breathing rhymes of my life with beats on

There’s this sacred place, there’s this region
It’s the open space in every single season
It’s inner peace that brings me close to the horizon
There’s simply no chase coz it’s truly spiritual
Connecting to my piece where love is the sole ritual

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Lightning Rhymes Review by Jeff Flesch

A few days back I received a mail from this wonderful being…an amazing poet, that goes by the name – Jeff Flesch |@fleschj…Jeff had tried to submit this review of my poetry book – Lightning Rhymes on Amazon several times…but due to some kind of glitch/issue, it never showed up…so Jeff decided to email me this heart touching review, which I’m sharing with you all…My gratitude to you, dearest Jeff…I’m simply delighted & honoured 🙏✨❤️💫

Review of Lightning Rhymes by Jeff Flesch:

“Lightning Rhymes, by Navin Manik, is a tour de force of poems that enter into the reader’s heart, blossoming like wildflowers stretching towards the sun of spiritual transcendence. Navin’s poetry is raw and powerful, connecting spiritual experiences to nature in a way that leaves the reader breathless, and in want of more. The feelings Navin evokes throughout the book are stunningly descriptive and can resonate with any human being on this planet, for we’ve all been to places Navin describes. Deep pain, trauma, heartache, anxiety, depression, etc., are woven into the language inside of these beautiful poems with an expert hand. Likewise, Navin expresses deep love, hope, and the beauty of human connection throughout his verse. I highly recommend Lightning Rhymes, it is a book that will resonate in your heart and mind.”

You must know that I’m grateful to each & every one of you…for your love & amazing support…it truly means a lot to me…please keep supporting me & my poetry 🙏✨💟💫

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Lightning Rhymes – The Photos with The Intro Poem

It’s amazing to hold my book in my hands…I then downloaded the digital edition on my phone…just to see how it looks like & how it feels…a feeling that’s almost impossible to express but can only be felt…I was like, “how great is that, my book is right here…it’s real, I’m not dreaming anymore”…I’m sharing a few photos with you 🖤✨🤍

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Announcement – Lightning Rhymes is Out Now

It’s time!
Was the inner calling in the month of July
So I started working on my book mindfully, a pure delight
Grace guided me to follow this flowic dream of mine

I’m proud & honoured to present to you – Lightning Rhymes
It’s my poetry collection, a part of me & my life
Lightning has a deeper meaning than how it’s normally described
Self-realization, raw emotions & other experiences I share & rhyme

The publication date of this book is my conscious choice
Your blessings on me is purely the beautiful & starry shine
I hope you’ll read Lightning Rhymes & will truly enjoy
My gratitude to you to be with me all this time 🙏🤍✨

Lightning Rhymes Book Cover

Dear all,

I’m excited to share that my poetry collection is out now. A dream I had once, is now a reality.

Self-realization, experiences, raw emotions & some other dimensions is what I’m sharing with you through my poetic creations.

Lightning Rhymes is the title of my poetry collection. This name simply came to me & it felt right instantly. In September 2020, I had written a poem with the same title. But I never thought that one day it would be the name of my book. I strongly believe, there’s always a reason why things happen. The book cover designed by myself is purely intuitive.

I loved each & every moment of this journey – from working on the manuscript to designing the cover to registering the ISBN number to uploading the electronic files & to finally getting them approved. And now here I am, with my debut book. Believe me, it’s such a great feeling that I can’t express in words. I hope you’d enjoy my poetry collection. Much love 🙏🤍✨

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