The Number Game


Please read this poem under the lighter shade
I’ve added a bit of ginger to give it a slightly warmer taste
Not pointing fingers at any particular person(s) at any stage
Believe me even if I want to, I just really can’t
Coz I don’t remember their handles or any names
Coz they haven’t made any kinda impact on me in any way
And I know every published anthology isn’t of quality bad
I’m sharing some of my experiences in this crowded space
You must’ve also experienced such scenarios on Instagram & a few on WordPress

– Follow for follow?
You see I didn’t even know what “follow for follow” meant
Why would I follow you if you followed me?
Why should you follow me if I followed you?
Do you like my writings?
If not, then what’s the point?
Is it for the sake of 1 extra point in your stats?

– I liked yours, now please read & like mine
Excuse me, what do you mean?
Hey, I am not mean
But I didn’t force you to read & like my lines
Let me draw a simple line
I would hit like if I like what you write
I would suggest you to do the same, alright?

– Read 10 pieces within 7 seconds & liked all of them
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Click Click Next Next
Supersonic reading speed, right?
Attention do you seek?
Is this some “trend” that you want to be seen?
Perhaps, it’s just me but sometimes I don’t get such scenes

– Followed for a few days & then unfollowed
So your goal is to show the huge following you have
And to pretend they follow you & you don’t follow them
What’s the benefit?
By faking your worth in this real world
Are you in some number game?

– Are you interested in one of these dedicated groups – only like / like & comment?
Come again?
I don’t understand
But we don’t even know each other
Are these “oh yeah, don’t stop, don’t stop, oh yeah, don’t stop, oh yeahhhh” groups of another kind?
By that I mean ego boosters

– Promote it on @xyz” & “DM@xyz
Damn…spam…oh man…again (not singing Wham’s song)

– We are giving you this opportunity to be a published author. Grab the chance to be a part of our anthology. Here are some other benefits. Our fee is… Interested?
How wonderful, I’m the chosen one
Right? Wrong!
Ok, but let me give a try to simply try something different
I have now understood the benefits of such projects
The compiler’s name would be on the cover
The compiler might change a few bits of writings without asking or informing the writer
The publication house would print the manuscript filled with typos, misalignment, bad quality images etc.
The quality of the book would be questionable
This book would never hit the international market
The publisher has hired an inexperienced team
Perhaps earning quick money was the real theme

Are we playing the number game?

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15 thoughts on “The Number Game

  1. Yeah – this is spot on, Navin. It’s pretty much like that. And I truly love this poem, by the way, because it’s so real and relevant to all of us on WordPress.

    But it’s sort of like politicians trying to get elected, I guess – they have to play “the game” to win; so authors who want to get noticed also have to play a game of sorts…

    It’s really hard to get followers totally organically, especially when one’s numbers are low 🙁


    1. I like your analogy with politicians…quite true…sadly, this is the reality on both WP & IG…true, it’s hard to get followers totally organically…but if we don’t think this way & only focus on our writings…I’m sure, the rest will follow…slow n steady…thank you very much for reading my lines & for your lovely reflection, David ✨🙏💫💟

  2. This is so right on Navin!! I love what you have said and how you say it.. I always wonder how someone can “Like” 15 of my posts, some of them hour long videos, in 15 seconds? It’s ding ding ding like like..I truly doubt they read a one:):)

  3. This is brilliant Navin. I love it so much I could have written it. Not sure how I’ve missed you writings but everything is fouled up in the WP game and I’m trying to catch up. Now where’s my phone, what’s my name oh my so glad I checked in. Great work!

    1. I’m glad you could relate to my lines…thank you very much, dear friend…WP is tricky at times…I don’t think my posts are appearing in reader / notifications…I appreciate that you took the time to check my writings 🙏✨❤️💫

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